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18 March 2008

German Genealogy Conference - April 25 & 26, 2008

CGS member, Mary Beth Frederick, sent this along about the German Genealogy Conference:
"As a new member of the Sacramento German Genealogy Society (SGGS), I recently attended my first meeting. What a strong and enthusiastic group! Baerbel K. Johnson, an excellent German research consultant at the FHL, was the guest speaker and answered questions during the morning's two-hour study group. Marion Wolfert and Roger Minert, the two presenters for the April 26 event, are considered two of the top German experts and need no introduction to those who have been researching their German roots for more than a few weeks. Attendees will be able to choose the seminar topics that interest them, including The Lives of Our German Ancestors, Beginning Your German Research, Locating Records in Germany, Using the Internet for German Genealogical Research, plus several others. Several persons in the study group had hired Marion to do research for them in Germany; to a person they praised her work and showed large stacks of copied records to support their words. This would be a good opportunity for anyone thinking of hiring a German researcher to meet an excellent one and assess whether she's the one for them. Shirely Riemer asked me to make sure that people know about the pre-seminar gala on April 25. It will be held at the Sacramento Turn Verein, 3349 J Street, beginning at 5 pm and is FREE for anyone who has signed up for the seminar. It will include a buffet of German foods, a lively German band, folk dancers, singing of German songs -- and a chance to show off your dirndl, lederhosen or other ethnic-German costume. And there will be free parking, a benefit that Bay Area attendees will appreciate. Note that reservations should be made by April 19 in order to attend the gala."

The Spring Seminar, 25 Years and Counting!, is a two-day seminar and gala on April 25 and 26, 2008, in Sacramento. The all-day seminar on Saturday, April 26, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m., will be held at La Sierra Community Center, 5426 Engle Road, Carmichael. Seminar pre-registration for non-members is $40 each or $50 per couple or $40 at the door, space permitting. You may purchase lunch in advance or bring your own. On Friday, April 25, the “German Buffet Gala” is free to all who register for the seminar. The Friday event, which will be held at the Sacramento Turn Verein, at 3349 J Street, beginning at 5:00 p.m., will include a buffet of traditional German dishes, a lively German band, folk dancers performing traditional German dances, German songs, and colorful traditional German regional costumes. Those interested in attending either or both events may request a pre-registration application form by e-mailing:, or by calling (916) 421-8032 before April 19.