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17 June 2008

Feedback on the Scandinavian Workshop

Cynthia Peterson Gorman sent this report on the last Saturday's Scandinavian Research Workshop:

All three presenters were so well prepared and had spent a great deal of time organizing their talks and materials. We had a great group - more than expected and it was definitely worth attending. We also all gave our email addresses so we can continue to share questions and information. It was nice to have a facilitator to keep the group 'on agenda.'

Events coordinator, Carolyn Steinberg, reports that there was a "full house" - seventeen attendees - plus the three specialists, Laura Spurrier (Danish), Pat Smith (Swedish) and Gloria Hanson (Norwegian). Carolyn also noted:

There was some lively conversation amongst attendees as they contributed their knowledge and asked questions. Three of the four non-members who attended joined CGS on Saturday. Cynthia Gorman brought a number of books to share and to demonstrate the resources available. Rick Sherman also assisted with information on church records and brought up an Online Web site for anyone interested after lunch. A new member who joined Saturday was also able to contribute based on his knowledge and experience being Swedish-born. Our speakers had also brought in some books from the library to show the resources available in the library. Pat, Laura, and Gloria all deserve to be commended for a job well done! CGS is very fortunate that these three members rose to the occasion, providing a very informative, lively, and interesting workshop for us.

Carolyn is compiling the lessons learned from this workshop and the Eastern European one held in April. She would appreciate additional reviews from those who attended on Saturday. Please share your comments here or send an e-mail to Carolyn.

Do you have a suggestion for the next workshop? French-Canadian? German? Do you have expertise in researching another location? Let us know!