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28 November 2008

Happy CGSL Blogiversary!

Just one short year ago during our regular monthly meeting, members of the CGS board of directors took a look at the blog I created for the society and gave permission to go live. They were all wonderfully enthusiastic about the idea and have been supportive contributors throughout the year. I sold this experiment as a way to communicate with members and promote CGS at no cost to the society. So far, in my humble opinion, the blog is a success.

A few acknowledgements are in order. First to my blog-mentor, Jasia, who first challenged me to action and who graciously announced the the CGSL blog to the world. Second to Thomas MacEntee of Destination: Austin Family (and his newest offspring, Thomas 2.0) and to Denise Olson of Family Matters – you two took the time to leave welcoming comments on the CGSL blog within a day of Jasia's announcement. You've both been my tech-gurus – thank you for all your help and patience. I count you as the first of the many, many genea-bloggers who have become friends this past year.

A special thank-you to all of the CGS member volunteers who have contributed to the blog over the year, especially to Mary Mettler for the Tuesday Tales of her cross-country trip and to Jane Lindsey, Arlene Miles, Cathy Paris, Judy Bodycote and Dick Rees for their photographs. I'm looking forward to telling more of the CGS member stories in the coming year. Happy Blogiversary, CGS!