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22 December 2008

CGS News - The Last Issue!

The January 2009 issue of the CGS News, Volume XL, No. 1, was mailed to members last week. It's eight pages are packed with important information:

• Annual Membership Meeting Announcement- page 1
• Allen County Public Library Trip Registration- page 2
• Salt Lake City research Trip Registration Form- page 3
• Notes from the President- page 4
• CGS 2009 Calendar of Events- page 5-6
• Genealogy: Intermediate Series Classes- page 7

The most significant news in the page one article by Editor Jane Hufft announcing that this is the last newsletter:

This issue is the last official issue of the CGS Newsletter which has been sent to CGS members for many years. New ways of keeping in touch are in the works, and we want to hear from you as we make this historic transition. My editorial duties will be transferred to the launch of the former “Nugget,” which begins its new life as The California Nugget, to be published twice a year beginning with the spring 2009 issue. Lois Elling, who has been my newsletter partner for the four years that I have been editor, will now take her design and layout talents to the new California Nugget.

I'll have more to say about this new society publication in some upcoming posts.