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16 January 2009

Book Repair Mascot - Who Are You?

I missed the deadline for the 9th edition of the Smile For the Camera Carnival of Images – Who Are You? – but I still wanted to share this portrait which hangs on the wall of the Frederick S. and Patricia M. Sherman Room at the library.

Rodney J. Hudson

Anne Robinson gave me the back story. It seems that this likeness of Rodney J. Hudson fell from the pages of a book as it was being repaired one second Tuesday by a member of the Book Repair Committee. With no identifying notation on its back and no apparent reason for its residence in the pages of the book, the committee unanimously decided to adopt the misplaced Mr. Hudson as their official mascot. It's now been a couple of years since they framed RJH and hung him prominently on the wall where he continues to oversee the activities of the group.

Mr. Rodney J. Hudson, who are you?