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07 January 2009

San Francisco Halsted Mortuary Records Database and Index Now Online

CGS members and founders, Ron Filion and Pamela Storm sent this press release:

San Francisco, CA - January 7, 2009 - has completed the first phase of indexing the Halsted Mortuary Records database. The indexing was performed by over sixty volunteers during the past year.

The database includes digitized images of over 45,000 mortuary records, along with a searchable index, for the years 1923 to 1960. The index has advanced surname search options such as Soundex and Metaphone, and wildcard searching.

The database may be searched and accessed for free at:

The Halsted Mortuary merged with Halsted N. Gray - Carew & English, Inc. around 1974. It was one of the oldest and largest mortuaries in San Francisco. Some of the records include reinterments and military burials. Years prior to 1923 are being processed by the California Genealogical Society, and the years 1961 to 1974 are still to be indexed.

Ron Filion or Pamela Storm

Ron and Pam have been supportive members of the society with links to the CGS website and blog on their site. They're also among the many CGS members who have become Facebook friends. Be sure to join their group on Facebook.


Anonymous said...

Kathryn has been a great force at CGS since she started volunteering there. We are also pleased to have such a great rapport with Ron and Pam at We at CGS hope to improve communication with local societies and acknowledge the work of many of our talented members. thanks to Kathryn we are on the way to doing just that! Thanks Kathryn!