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15 October 2009

Last Call For Submissions to the 82nd Edition of the COG

The California Genealogical Society and Library blog is hosting the next edition of the Carnival of Genealogy: Breaking Into Society.

The deadline is today so you have until midnight tonight to answer the following questions:
What's your favorite genealogical society?

Do you belong to a society?

Tell us why! Or if not, why not?

Some CGS members may not be familiar with blog carnivals – collections of articles written about a specific theme. The host blog presents the edition (think magazine) and provides links to each blog article submitted.

The Carnival of Genealogy was invented by Jasia of Creative Gene in June 2006. There are two editions published each month and the CGSL blog is honored to be hosting the 82nd edition.

As always, the footnote Maven has created a beautiful poster for this edition of the COG. She has all the details on how to submit at her blog Breaking Into Society at the COG.