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16 November 2009

News From the 2009 Nominating Committee

The 2009 Nominating Committee – Dick Rees, Lorna Wallace and Chair Chris Pattillo – have announced the nominations for the 2010-2011 Board of Directors for the California Genealogical Society. Nominations will be presented at the January 2010 Annual Meeting.

Tom Gesner, Craig Manson and Jeffrey Vaillant are nominated as new board members. Nancy Fike and Diana Wild, currently serving as appointees to vacant positions (Corresponding Secretary and Recording Secretary) are nominated for their first term. Lavinia Schwarz is nominated for her second term. Nancy Peterson is nominated for her third term.

The first terms of Stephen Harris and Cathy Paris will end in 2011. Kathryn Doyle and Chris Pattillo will end their second terms in 2011. The terms of Paul Mayer and John Moore end in January – they will not be serving a second term. Carolyn Steinberg is resigning her term; Sandy Fryer has been appointed to take her place. Jane Knowles Lindsey is ending her third term; she will continue on the board as Past President. After serving more than ten years on the board in several capacities, Verne Deubler is stepping down. His long service to the society is greatly appreciated.