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10 May 2010

Second Edition: Carnival of Genealogical Societies – Collaboration

Welcome to the Second Edition of the Carnival of Genealogical Societies.

Grateful acknowledgment to the footnoteMaven for the carnival badge and elucidation:
The key to all good genealogical research starts with the society of other genealogists and in turn genealogy societies.
The topic for the second edition of the Carnival of Genealogical Societies is: Collaboration.
Does your society collaborate with other societies?
(genealogical, historical, lineage, etc.)
Or groups? (local library, family history center)
Why or why not? What works or needs improvement?

This edition of the carnival received only six submissions but each one offers unique and creative ways for societies to collaborate.

Terri Buster is a board member and vice president of the Little River County Genealogy Society in Arkansas. Their group has been together for seven years and they have used their time wisely to develop collaborative relationships with many groups in their corner of the world. Read Carnival of Genealogical Societies~ 2nd Edition~ Collaboration posted at Southwest Arkie.

Tina Sansone is a past board member of the Tennessee Genealogical Society. Tina shares lots of ideas in How Genealogical Societies Can Collaborate posted at Gtownma's Genealogy. I especially love her suggestions of how to bring local high schools into the fold.

Brenda Joyce Jerome C.G. brings an unexpected angle to the discussion with Collaboration Within a Genealogical Society posted at Western Kentucky Genealogy Blog. Brenda believes that societies must change in order to flourish. How does your group measure up?

Charles Hansen wears several hats for the Eastern Washington Genealogical Society. He notes "Collaboration with the Spokane Library has benefited both EWGS and the Spokane Public Library" and tells us more in Carnival of Genealogy Societies Collaboration posted at Eastern Washington Genealogical Society Blog.

Joan Miller is part of the public relations team of the Alberta Family Histories Society. Joan collaborated with executive members of the societies to write Carnival of Genealogical Societies: Collaboration posted at Alberta Family Histories Society Blog.

This concludes the second edition.

Call for Submissions!
The topic for the next edition of the Carnival of Genealogical Societies is: Uniquely Us!

How is your society unique? 
Tell us about something one-of-a-kind. Is it a program, project, or publication? A record set or archival holding? A certain procedure or way you handle meetings? This is your opportunity to tell why and how your society is special!

The deadline for submissions is July 7, 2010.

Please do indicate in your article that you are writing for the Third Edition of the Carnival of Genealogical Societies. Submit your blog article using the the carnival submission form provided by Blog Carnival. Please use a descriptive phrase in the title of any article you plan to submit and write a brief introduction to your articles in the "remarks" section of the form.

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