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09 March 2012

A Visit from KTVU Channel 2

Sometimes a quiet day in the library takes an unexpected turn. That’s what happened yesterday when Volunteer Coordinator Linda Okazaki fielded a phone call from a reporter on deadline.

KTVU’s Maureen Naylor was working on a story about the Miller twins whose remains were found in their Lake Tahoe home.

Gloria Hanson working the case.

Volunteers dropped everything to find additional information and Naylor arrived at the library but spent just a few minutes with her 3:00 p.m. deadline looming.

Naylor’s piece aired on Channel 2 at 6:00 p.m. and footage from the library made it into the final story. Linda had a brief on-camera interview and our gorgeous new sign (created by Judy Bodycote) was featured.

I took a few screen shots but you can view the two minute piece at SAN JOSE: Twins found dead in South Lake Tahoe.

Kudos to Linda Okazaki, Gloria Hanson, Laura Spurrier, Judy Bodycote and Kim Cotton for their efforts to find information on the family. It was great to have some media attention for the library!

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