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31 December 2012

A Message from President Jeff

California Genealogical Society President Jeffrey Vaillant sent these words of appreciation.

Members and Friends: 
There is a great deal to be thankful for as 2012 winds to a close. We are appreciative of our loyal members, numbering almost 1150, and for the many volunteers who devote time, energy, and talent to the California Genealogical Society.

Volunteers serve the society through program committees including:
  • Book Repair
  • Desk and Patron Services
  • Education and In-house Programs
  • Events
  • Finance
  • Investments
  • Library Services
  • Manuscript collections
  • Membership, 
  • Outreach
  • Publications and Marketing
  • Research & Look-ups
  • Strategic Planning
  • Technology
  • Website
This long lists translates to more than 100 volunteers and thousands of volunteer hours per year. 
The highlights from the year are a long list and at the risk of overlooking some people here are a few: The Library had its great migration with the addition of shelving and hundreds of books while removing non genealogical materials. The blog celebrated its fifth year of publications. New videos were produced and posted at the website. Successful field trips were held both locally and out of state. Our relationship with the Family History Center flourished. Many hundreds of people attended classes at the Library. Books were repaired on a regular basis. Desk duty responsibilities were covered allowing the Library to be open to members and visitors.

So THANK YOU for being a member and interested person in the California Genealogical Society. We hope you have a wonderful finish to 2012 and look forward as we do to 2013!!

Jeffrey Vaillant, President

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