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30 April 2013

What You Missed: April 2013 Membership Meeting and Volunteer Appreciation Ceremony

Members gathered on Saturday, April 13, 2013, for a special celebration of volunteerism and creativity. Volunteer Coordinator Linda Okazaki and Membership Coordinator Diana Edwards unveiled a new meeting format and started a new tradition to honor long-standing volunteers. It was a success by every measure.

Linda Okazaki and Diana Edwards added festive touches.

Most of the members in attendance arrived early at 12:00 p.m. with lunch in hand to share company and lively conversation in the Sherman Room. Beverages were provided by the board of directors.

Members shared lunch and lively conversation.

After the celebratory cake was cut and dessert finished, the festivities moved to the classroom for the program and a few words of welcome by President Jeff Vaillant. Director Tom Gesner updated members on several changes in the library, including new computers, shelving, and display racks. Tom also announced three special events planned for the fall.

Pat Bonderud accepting her "Certificate of Recognition" from President Jeff Vaillant.

Next up was the volunteer recognition part of the program. Linda Okazaki gave some statistics, "Of our more than 1000 members, 170 have contributed their time in some way to the society. Ninety-three current members are scheduled to work in 2013 and fourteen new volunteers have joined our team since January."

Honorees Marston Watson (representing his wife, Kathy), Gloria Hanson, Pat Bonderud, Barbara Hill, and Dick Rees. Honorees not in attendance: Lois Elling, Ken Haughton, Lorna Jones.

Eight individuals who have held membership for more than two decades and who continue to serve the California Genealogical Society as active volunteers were presented with certificates of recognition.

  • Kathy Watson, a member for twenty years since 1993, has held a variety of roles and currently serves as chair of both the Computer and Technology Committees. Kathy was unable to attend so her husband Marston, a past board member, accepted on her behalf.
  • Lois Elling, also a member for twenty years since 1993, creates every layout of the California Nugget and has designed the society's bookmarks, business cards, and branding graphics.
  • Gloria Hanson, a member for twenty-one years since 1992, has held a variety of positions including Desk Duty. Gloria is well known in the society for her extensive knowledge of Norwegian genealogy. She currently volunteers in the library as a copy cataloger.
  • Pat Bonderud, a member for twenty-three years since 1989, helped with the architectural design of the media room and layout of the library. Pat partners with Linda Darby as Special Projects Co-chair. The two have organized the manuscript collection and vertical files.
  • Lorna Jones, a member for twenty-nine years since 1984, has worked in a variety of positions in the library. For several years she led the French-Canadian Special Interest Group.
  • Barbara Hill, a member for thirty-two years since 1981, volunteers on the Library Committee and handles library acquisitions. Barbara performs monthly desk duty on Saturdays.
  • Dick Rees, a member for thirty-three years since 1980, has worn many hats for the society. These days he does special project work, teaches some introductory genealogy classes, and serves on the Book Repair Committee. 
  • Kenneth Haughton, a member for thirty-five years since 1978, is our member of longest standing who continues to actively serve the society. Ken served on the board of directors and was CFO for many years. He is currently an advisor to the Investment Committee.

Diana Edwards introduced the last part of the program: Preserving Your Genealogical Work Through Publishing. Displayed around the room were charts, books, articles, and other materials created by members – wonderful family treasures that will be cherished by family members for years to come.

Tim Cox served as master of ceremonies and guide as he went around the room and introduced each item on display. Tim introduced the authors/creators and described their work.

After the program members were able to browse and examine the displayed items more closely. Past-president Steve Harris gave tours of his city directory library.

Linda Okazaki proclaimed the day "a smashing success."

Photographs courtesy of Ron Madson. More of Ron's photos from the day are posted at Wordless Wednesday.

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