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07 May 2013

Off to the NGS 2013 Family History Conference

Are you attending this year's NGS Family History Conference? It's relatively rare for the national societies to host their annual meetings in the western states so this is a great opportunity for genealogists on the left coast.

In fact, before the Salt Lake City meeting in 2010, the annual conference was last in the West in 2004 (Sacramento) and in 2001 (Portland). The Federation of Genealogical Society (FGS) was in Salt Lake City in 2005 and in Ontario, California in 2002.

I've been designated one of the conference "official bloggers" so I'll be posting reports and Tweeting (#NGS2013) from the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. Among the other bloggers are fellow California Genealogical Society members Sandra Benward and Denise Levenick. Our board member Kim Cotton will also be attending.

It's become a tradition for CGS members to meet at conferences for a group photo, so if you are going and you haven't let me know yet, email me or send a message via Twitter. I've got our blue ribbons (thanks, Tim Cox!) so be sure to find me.

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