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09 October 2013

Introducing Marie Treleaven

I am excited and honored to introduce a partner to the blog! Marie Treleaven has agreed to write a series of spotlight articles about the committees of the California Genealogical Society. Most of our volunteers do their work as part of a committee with a designated chairperson who submits monthly reports to the board of directors. Look for Marie's first article later this week.

Marie Treleaven
My name is Marie Treleaven and I am a new member as well as being fairly new to genealogy. I assist Kathryn Doyle with the newsletter, press releases and now this blog.
I am an archaeologist, former college professor, and recently a nonprofit researcher and administrator. Like thousands of others I am not a native Californian; my roots are in New York and New Jersey. I find family history research as exciting as an archaeological dig and even more fulfilling personally. I was glad to find the California Genealogical Society. Just having so many people who share the same interest is exciting and stimulating. Back in April I went on the trip to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City and it was an eye-opener. I can’t wait to go back. 
My assignment with this blog is to bring the perspective of a brand-new member to different elements of the CGS. I know I will learn a lot and I hope that all of you, no matter if you are an old-hand or a newbie, will find something that you did not know before or maybe had not thought of in a long time.

Welcome, Marie!

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