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18 February 2016

Researching Irish Ancestors? New Opportunity for Members

written by Maureen Hanlon

CGS volunteers Maureen Hanlon and Laura Manion, who will be hosting the Irish Research class on March 12, have also launched a related opportunity for those enrolled in the class and any CGS members looking for support in finding their Irish ancestors. 

What’s the new opportunity?
A new Facebook page, "CGS Irish Ancestor Network" is available for members to join. This Facebook group is "closed", meaning that posts are visible only to its members.  

How can it help me?
Members will be able to post links, tips, tricks and questions for this online community to address and share.  A roster will be available so members can find others searching the same counties, names or related goals.  

Maureen and Laura will update content with "Tuesday Tips" and "Wednesday WebLinks".  They will also conduct and share polls about member interests and areas of research.  As the group evolves, new features and content may be added.

How do I get started?
To receive an invite, find the page (CGS Irish Ancestor Network) on Facebook and request an invite, or send a request to

Our goal is to recruit 200 members.  The good news is that we think we may have at least that many interested based on last year's Member Survey. 

We hope you’ll help us make this an amazing Irish genealogy research page.  Get started today! 

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