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31 July 2019

Touring the Bancroft

UC Bancroft Library, with the Campanile in background
One of the many benefits of joining CGS is access to special members-only events, including tours of historical sites and research repositories. Last week, more than a dozen society members enjoyed an instructive walk-through of the marvelous UC Bancroft Library, the University of California's primary special collections library. While the library holds manuscripts and artifacts dating to ancient times, it is best known for its collection of Western Americana--not just for California, but materials ranging from the Rocky Mountains to Hawaii, as well as from Mexico and Central America. Curator Theresa Salazar was our guide.

Upper level and entrance to the Heller Reading Room
Organizer Lorna Wallace (at right, in pink top)
and other CGS members enjoyed our personal tour!
Photos by Kathy Ikeda

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