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21 November 2019

Free Workshop: "Finding Your Japanese American Roots," November 30

The National Japanese American Historical Society hosts two workshops on Saturday, November 30, for Nikkei interested in researching and connecting with family in Japan. ”U.S.-Japan CONNECT!” has been working for the past five years helping Nikkei families locate information about their ancestors as well as contacting living relatives in Japan.

Mr. Hiroshi Yanagisawa, a graduate of Nanzan University and retired staff at Seto City Hall, will be in the Bay Area on Saturday, November 30, to conduct two free one-hour workshops to explain the process he has developed for locating families in Japan. Anyone interested in pursuing a family search can complete an Intake Form to determine possibilities based on information available. Cost and timing of search will be discussed at the workshop.

Date: Saturday, November 30

1st Workshop: 10 a.m.
Location: Military Intelligence Service Learning Center, 640 Mason Rd., San Francisco Presidio (click for map)

2nd Workshop: 7 p.m.
Location: J-SEI, 1285 66th St. Emeryville. (click for map)

Admission is free. Call 415-921-5007 for more information.

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