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16 August 2020

Help Find Photos of These California Veterans

California Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Sacramento

The California Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Photo by Sarbjit Bahga (Wikimedia Commons)

CalVet Connect has been compiling photos of Vietnam War veterans from California with the aim of creating a "virtual wall" to put faces to the names on the California Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Sacramento. The task now is almost complete: just four more names need to be matched with photos. They are:

  • Tommy R. Henderson, Los Angeles, U.S. Army
  • John E. Magee, Los Angeles, U.S. Army
  • Vernon P. Smith, Los Angeles, U.S. Navy
  • Frank Spotwood Jr., San Francisco, U.S. Army

CGS Member John Ralls, who belongs to the Northern California post of the Scottish American Military Society, brought this to our attention in hopes that someone with genealogical skills might be able to locate a photo for these fallen servicemen. 

For more details about the project, see this blog post at the CalVet blog. If you are a relative of, knew, attended school with, or served with any of these men, please contact Mike Kennedy at

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