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21 September 2020

New Online Resources: 100-year Old Pedigree Charts

Pedigree Charts Volunteer Team:
John Ralls, Ron Madson, Theresa Murphy, Stewart Traiman, Linda Edwards, Jean Alderson, and Kathleen Beitiks

 The Website Update Committee is very pleased to announce that the CGS Pedigree Charts created by CGS members more than one hundred years ago are now available on our website. This is the second major project that has been added to our website this year. 


This has been a multi-phase team effort. Some time ago (we are not sure when) CGS volunteers looked through every chart and typed each name that appeared onto a 3x5 card, along with the name of the chart and the page it appears on. Next, Stewart Traiman scanned these 8,622 cards and grouped them into 46 batches. Volunteer Coordinator Kathleen Beitiks distributed the batches of cards to eleven volunteers who entered the data into spreadsheets. Top indexers were Linda Edwards, Jean Alderson, Theresa Murphy and Kristi Wessenberg. Together these four dynamos processed thirty-four of the forty-six sets of cards. Other Pedigree Chart volunteers were Nancy Cork, Caron Whitacre, Misti Layne, Justine Wong, Liz Summerhayes, Cindy Thomson, and Mary Thomas. 


The data from 8,622 index cards were entered into spreadsheets

Next, Theresa Murphy patiently reviewed each spreadsheet checking for and correcting data entry errors.


Ron Madson photographed each of the 135 family trees, which required 180 images to capture everything contained on those charts. Finally, tech wizard John Ralls combined all the names into one spreadsheet, and added links to Ron’s photographs. Now our members can, with a few clicks, view these beautiful trees and all the data they contain. 

Ron Madson scanned 135 family trees to create digital images


To view these family trees, go to our website and log in as a member. Scroll down to the box labeled “Online Resources,” click the gold SEARCH button, and look for New Online Resources/Pedigree Charts. Whether you find a familiar family name or not, you will probably enjoy seeing the beautiful handwritten (in ink) charts. In addition to names, birth, marriage and death dates and places, a few charts include photographs, obituaries and hand-written notes.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who worked on this valuable project and made it happen.


Copyright © 2020 by California Genealogical Society


Unknown said...

And a BIG thank-you to Chris Pattillo, who has been leading the way with all the web content projects, identifying items to digitize, organizing the team and keeping the process moving. A great team and great leadership.

Arlene Miles said...

Once again, you did it.


Mary Mettler said...

Thanks to all for a great job!