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03 October 2020

Online genealogy, week of October 5-11

Our Events:

October 10
: Monthly Board Meeting and Genie Awards: all welcome.


October 8-10
: North Star Genealogy Conference (Minnesota Genealogical Society)

October 9 & 10: "GENEALOGY 2020: Research - Retool - Reconnect" (The Afro-American Genealogical and Historical Society of Chicago)
October 10: Scottish Indexes Conference VI (free)
October 10: Virtual Fall Conference (Greater Omaha Genealogical Society)

Numerous associations offer online genealogy events every week. Most are free. To register for one of the events below, click on the name of the host organization.

October 8: "What's New at American Ancestors?" with Don LeClair
October 8: "Eleanor" author David Michaelis discusses his biography of Eleanor Roosevelt
October 7: "Going Further with Scottish Genealogy" by Hannah Bell

October 5: "Using the FamilySearch Catalog"
October 6: "Preserving Family Memories in Family Tree"

Legacy Family Tree
October 6 & 7
"Advanced DNA Techniques: Deductive Chromosome Mapping" by Blaine Bettinger
October 7: "Wringing Every Drop out of Y DNA" by Roberta Estes 
October 8: Reisinger Memorial Lecture Series:
  • "From Generation to Generation: An Updated Look at Kinship Determination" by Judy Russell 
  • "Geo-Genealogy as a Problem-Solving Tool: The Case of a 19th-Century Female Teenage Immigrant" by J. H. (Jay) Fonkert
  • "Spanning 150 Years of Record Loss: A Methodological Approach to Identifying Parents in Sweden" by Jill Morelli, CG

Southern California Genealogical Society
October 6-27: "Beginning Genealogy Class" by Beverly Truesdale
October 10: "From Babel to Benefit-Translation Tips for Foreign-Language Documents" by Jane Neff Rollins
Conference Keeper has a large calendar of events (too many to list) hosted by various genealogical organizations. New events are added often, so check back frequently.
Here are some of the coming week's highlights:

October 5: "House History 101" (Chicago Public Library)
October 6: "Genealogy Workshop Series: Intro to Ancestry" (Chicago Public Library)
October 10: "What's Your American Story? Part 1" by D. Joshua Taylor (Contra Costa Genealogical Society)
October 11: "The Lost Family: How DNA is Upending Who We Are" by Libby Taylor (Omaha Public Library)

See our post "Genealogy Learning in the Time of Coronavirus" for links to classes archived online at Ancestry, FamilySearch, RootsTech, and more.

Be well, stay safe, and happy learning!

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