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13 December 2020

Online genealogy, week of December 14-20


Our Events

Dec. 19: "Finding Your Civil War Ancestors" by Jeff Vaillant

Other Classes:

Numerous associations offer online genealogy events every week. Most are free. To register for one of the events below, click on the name of the host organization.

American Ancestors
Dec. 16
: "Bonnie" - author Christina Schwarz converses with Sandra Tsing Loh about her novel based on the life of Bonnie Parker

Dec. 17: "Tips for Interviewing Relatives" by Stephanie Call 


Dec. 16: "Roots of Jews from Ottoman Empire: Names and History" by Alexander Beider

Legacy Family Tree
Dec. 15 & 16:
From the 18th to the 21st: The Records of Prohibition" by Judy G. Russell

Dec. 16: "Ten Best Sources for Determining Your Immigrant Ancestor's Town of Origin" by Lisa Alzo

Southern California Genealogical Society

Dec. 16: "Bounty Land: It's Complicated" by Annette Burke Lyttle

Conference Keeper has a large calendar of classes (too many to list) from beginning to advanced, hosted by various genealogical organizations. New events are added often, so check the calendar frequently.
Here are a few of the coming week's highlights:

Dec. 14
"Expanding Your Family Circle on MyHeritage" by Thomas MacEntee
Dec. 15:

"Exploring Manufacturers (Non-Population) Schedules" (Allen County Public Library)

"Researching Displaced People" by Julie Goucher (Wisconsin State Genealogical Society)

Dec. 16:

"The History and Heritage of German/Germanic Christmas Carols" (San Diego Genealogical Society)

"Ukrainian Jewish Genealogy 101" by Lara Diamond (Ukrainian History & Education Center)

"Finding Her Voice: 3 Steps for Researching Female Ancestors" by Gena Philibert-Ortega

"Researching Your World War II Veteran" (Midwest Genealogy Center)

Dec. 17:  

"Is My Great-Grandmother Really Native American? An Intro to Native American Genealogical Research" by Janice Lovelace (Utah Genealogical Society )

See our post "Genealogy Learning in the Time of Coronavirus" for links to classes archived online at Ancestry, FamilySearch, RootsTech, and more. Be well, stay safe, and happy learning!

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