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26 January 2021

A comment on comments...

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Sometimes your blog editor messes up. At some point in the past, we were getting a large number of anonymous spam comments on our blog. I instituted a "comment moderation" policy—but neglected to set up the notifications that would have nudged me to review and approve them promptly.

This is all a long way around to say that I've just now discovered many months' worth of comments that never appeared! They should be visible now. Apologies to all who may have wondered why their comment did not show on the blog. We appreciate it when our readers take the time to give feedback, and your thoughts are valued. Feel free to comment on this post!


Jennifer Dix
blog editor


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Chris Pattillo, FASLA said...

Jenn, thanks for coming clean and explaining what happened.

Arlene Miles said...

I guess it is now full-steam ahead for the Blog and the comments. good work.