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15 January 2021

Latest issue of The California Nugget

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The Fall 2020 issue is in the mail and now available online

Our latest issue of The California Nugget is in the mail now! and hopefully will arrive soon in your mailbox. Members can access the digital version online at our website.


Our Editors' Note gives this overview:

Lucille Ball

We’ve assembled articles on a variety of topics. In "Lucy’s Fred: Three Generations of Hunt Ancestry of Lucille D. (Ball) (Arnaz) Morton," Darcie Hind Posz looks at the time actress Lucille Ball came under scrutiny by the House Committee on Un-American Activities. Examining why Ball and other family members joined the Communist Party in the 1930s, Posz uncovers a history of sympathy for the working class that stretched back to the Civil War.



In this year marking the centennial of American women’s suffrage, Virginia Turner shares the story of her ancestor Elizabeth Healy Turner, who lived in Wyoming Territory when women there were granted the right to vote in 1870, and who was one of the first women called to serve on a jury. 

Lizzie Spooner

Ted Steele’s "Benjamin Franklin Lowe, A California Pioneer" profiles a businessman ancestor who came to California during the Gold Rush. It follows the interesting histories of his children, half of whom returned to their native East Coast, while the other half settled permanently in the West. 

Benjamin Lowe

In our genealogical methods column, Lisa Gorrell examines the first principle of the Genealogical Proof Standard—“reasonably exhaustive research"—and discusses what that means for the researcher.

Table of Contents

 Our Ancestors:

"Lucy’s Fred: Three Generations of Hunt Ancestry of Lucille D. (Ball) (Arnaz) Morton" by Darcie Hind Posz

"The Vote Before the Vote: Lizzie Healy Spooner in Wyoming Territory, 1870" by Virginia Turner

"Benjamin Franklin Lowe, A California Pioneer" by Edward E. "Ted" Steele

21st-Century Genealogy:

"What Does It Mean to Do Reasonably Exhaustive Research?" by Lisa Gorrell

At the Society:

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Photo credits: Lucille Ball, Wikimedia; Lizzie Spooner, Debbie Smith; Benjamin Lowe, Society of California Pioneers.

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