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02 January 2021

Online genealogy, January 4-10


Our weekly roundup of upcoming genealogy events. Numerous associations offer online genealogy classes every week. Most are free. To register for one of the events below, click on the name of the host organization.

The CGS Annual Membership Meeting is Saturday, January 9. For details or to RSVP, see our link at EventBrite.

BYU Family History Library

January 6: “Ideas for Stepping Up Your Family History Game” with Kathryn Grant

FamilySearch Library

January 4: "Using the FamilySearch Catalog" 

January 7: "The Research Process: An Introduction"

January 9: Family History Library Nordic Day (Denmark, Norway, and Sweden)

Legacy Family Tree

January 5 & 6: "Where else to look? When matches don’t reply" by Michelle Patient

January 6: "Genealogy Unplugged: When Offline Records Are the Best" by James M. Baker

New York Genealogical & Biographical Society

January 4: "Finding Samuel Fletcher in New York Records and Beyond" by Denise E. Cross

January 5: "An Introduction to Researching Hispanic Ancestry" by Colleen Robledo Greene

January 6: "Live Q&A on Central New York Research" with Holly Sammons and Pamela J. Vittorio

January 8: "Using the NYG&B Online Collections" by Frederick Wertz

Southern California Genealogical Society

January 9: "Writing About The Stars in Your Family With Ease" by Devon Noel Lee 

January 9: "Searching from Home" by Tara Shymanski

Conference Keeper has a large calendar of classes (too many to list) from beginning to advanced, hosted by various genealogical organizations. New events are added often, so check the calendar frequently.
Here are a few of the coming week's highlights:

January 5

“Piecing the Census Puzzle Together” (Allen County IN Public Library)

January 6:  
Marin County Genealogical Society Writing Group

January 7

"Sole Italiano: Italian Roots in Solano County California" (Genealogy Society of Vallejo-Benicia)

"How to Organize Your Autosomal DNA Matches at" (Allen County IN Public Library)

January 9:  

"Organizing Your DNA Results" and "Ask the Wife! A DNA Analysis Strategy" (San Diego Genealogical Society)

"The Aztec Empire: The Náhuatl People Through Time" (Society of Hispanic Historical and Ancestral Research)

"Tony Burroughs – The Nature of Genealogy" (Northwest Suburban IL Genealogy Society)

"Adopting the Regiment: In Search of Your Civil War Union Ancestors" (Massachusetts Society of Genealogists) 

"The Evolution of Women's Legal Rights in America" (Northland MO Genealogy Society Meeting)

See our post "Genealogy Learning in the Time of Coronavirus" for links to classes archived online at Ancestry, FamilySearch, RootsTech, and more. Be well, stay safe, and happy learning!

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