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03 February 2021

Write for the CGS blog!

Calling all bloggers: 

Do you enjoy the CGS blog? Would you like to write for it? Regular readers of this blog will know we welcome contributing writers, either on a one-time or recurring basis. We've published stories about family history, like this one about one of Georgia Lupinsky's ancestors. During Asian Pacific Heritage Month last May, we were fortunate to feature stories from CGS members Grant Din, Gordon Hamachi, Marisa Louie Lee, Felicia Lowe, Trish Hackett Nicola, and Cindy Thomsen. You are probably also familiar with Chris Pattillo's occasional "Quarantine Quests" series (see previous post for an example), as well as her previous series on our Library's collections. 

This is the blog for the California Genealogical Society, and it is made richer by a variety of voices and perspectives. If you have an interesting story about your research, or want to share anything of genealogical interest, please let us know. We're also happy to consider writers who want to contribute on an ongoing basis, either occasionally or regularly. Please contact Jennifer Dix,   

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