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Cover page for the 1944 Genealogies

One more set of family history records has been digitized and added to our website. To see these records go to the CGS Home Page, click on the Research Menu tab and select “Online Resources.” From there, scroll down to the Members-Only section where you will find a list of “Resources Developed by CGS Members.” Click on the link labeled 1944 Genealogies

This set of records is presented in an ahnentafel style format. There are twenty-three family histories that include at least thirty-three surnames.Each family history lists names, birth, death, and marriage dates, plus the names of children. Most also include a narrative. For example, the Briscoe family history includes notes about the Civil and Military Records, with references for William Briscoe followed by a sketch of his life. It includes a transcription of the text on his tombstone and a short poem. 
Man is a glass – Life is a water, 
That’s weakly walled about, 
Sin Brings in death, and breaks the glass, 
So runs the water out.
These records are one-of-a-kind. They are filled with family anecdotes that are fun to read even if not proven. The Pendergrass file, for example, includes a note about a son named Nathan “stolen by Indians,” with another line, later crossed out, that reads “His descendants later found in Maryland.” Most pages are  typed, which makes them easy to read, and the hand-written notations on the pages are not likely to be in any copies that may exist elsewhere. As such they are unique treasures that, thanks to many current CGS members, are now broadly available to a much larger audience.
An example of a short biographical sketch found among these records

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