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02 October 2008

Desk Duty at CGS

Captain Marston Watson leads the trusty volunteers who staff the library desk on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays when the library is open (9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. on Thursdays and Fridays; 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. on Saturdays.) Officially and as a group, they are the "Desk Duty Committee" but individually they are the special volunteers who first greet our patrons and are the caretakers of the society's first impression. As you see, smiles come with the job.

Left to Right: Pat Smith, Kathy Watson, Lorna Wallace, Diana Wild,
Judy Bodycote and Dick Rees.

Besides opening for business and staffing the desk, committee members shelve books, field questions, assist patrons, answer phones and give occasional tours of the library. In addition, virtually all desk duty committee members perform other volunteer activities for the society. They are often seen multi-tasking – seeing to their other jobs when the library isn't busy. Members of the Desk Duty Committee also serve as librarians, look-up volunteers, researchers, book repairers and computer technicians. They open mail and do many other miscellaneous and essential tasks. Sometimes they actually get some of their own research done!

The current members of the Desk Duty Committee are: Judy Bodycote, Gloria Hanson, Barbara Hill, Gaye Lenahan, Mary Limosner, Dick Rees, Rick Sherman, Pat Smith, Roland Smith, Peggy Valponi, Lorna Wallace, Kathy Watson, Marston Watson and Diana Wild. Thank you all for your service to our patrons.

Photograph by Kathryn Doyle, September 22, 2008.


Elizabeth O'Neal said...

Hey, I know Kathy Watson! She's a DAR, too, and a busy lady! ::waving::

Kathryn Doyle said...

Small world! Now we really HAVE to get you up here. Kathy is amazing. She is so organized and thorough. We really are blessed with remarkable volunteers.

Elizabeth O'Neal said...

She really is amazing. She's also a talented web site designer and helped create dozens of web sites for California DAR chapters. Just in case she forgot to mention this... I'm tattling on her!

Hey, I'll be in Santa Clara for the DAR State Conference in March (and I'll bet Kathy will, too) - you should plan to join us on opening night! ;-)

Kathryn Doyle said...

I'll check my calendar and get back to you.