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13 October 2008

Limited Time Offer: Two Free Issues of Everton's Online Edition

Leland K. Meitzler of Everton Publishers sent this announcement:

Everton is offering access to the two Online Edition issues now available at the site: July-August 2008 and September-October 2008 - absolutely FREE until October 17, 2008.

Simply go to: and download the issues.

Until October 27, 2008 the $12 annual subscription fee to the Online Edition of the Genealogical Helper will be reduced to $10.00, and the $29.00 annual subscription fee for the hard copy edition of the magazine (includes access to the Online Edition) will be reduced to $25.00.

The Genealogical Helper is widely recognized as having no equal in terms of amount of total content, educational and research information, and lists of organizations, events, and repositories.

The complete magazine is online, and all Web sites listed in either the content or advertisements are hot-linked.

This is a great opportunity for CGS members to take a free look at the publication. The offer expires this Friday.