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21 January 2009

Wordless Wednesday

CGS Member Volunteers
Craig Siulinski and Nancy Hart Servin

Photograph by Kathryn Doyle, 10/23/2008


Anonymous said...

how wonderful it is to have people like you donate your time and effort to help people find their roots...

Bartholomew2 said...

Hey Craig, what's up. It's cold here in Black Mountain, but I may come to California in the near future. I have a case in Federal Court there. I got a new dog, I sold my old Mercedes, and I'm about 40 pounds less than you last saw me. When were you here? Can't remember.

Take care, I do genealogy too. I have some missing relative in California, one is Helen Huntoon born about 1895, she was my Uncle Charlie Edward Adams's wife. I was named for him. I have been unable to find much about her. Check her out, I'm pretty sure she was lived in California most of her life. I have pictures of her camping in Yosemite in the 192O's. She was a hairdresser in San Francisco in 1930 and lived in a rooming house downtown. I'm not sure when she married my Uncle Ed, but she died in about 1961, I believe that he died in 1962.

Hope all is well. You look fabulous.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cuz Craig! Welcome to the field... Libraries Rule! I can't wait to read what you've discovered about our family.

You look great. I keep hoping we'll figure out a way to travel to CA again soon. We'll let you know.


Anonymous said...

Hi Uncle Craig,

What a very cool new hobby! I would love to learn what you have found about our family's genealogy. I hope all is well in sunny Cali. I miss you & love you!