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01 May 2009

Jane's Interview with Lisa Louise Cooke

I've reported several times on the successful genealogy classes that have been jointly offered by the California Genealogical Society and the Oakland Regional Family History Center. Things got started October 2008 with the Family History Month Beginners Series, then the Intermediate Series in January and February 2009, a full-day Beginning Genealogy Seminar held in April and a four session Spring Intermediate Series that is half completed.

Jane Lindsey and Marge Bell came up with the idea and since then the two of them have been a couple of whirling dervishes, teaching class after class after class.

Now, thanks to the magic of podcasting, anyone with a computer can sample a taste of what it is like to learn a little genealogy from Jane and Marge. Both of these dynamos have been recent guests of Lisa Louise Cooke on her Family History: Genealogy Made Easy podcast.

Part one of Lisa's interview with Jane was published today as Episode 27: Your Ancestors in the News Part 1. Part 2 will be published next Friday, May 8, 2009. I'm taking Lisa up on this suggestion:"She's a great interview and I hope you'll let your readers on the CGS blog know about it."

Lisa Louise Cooke is the producer and host of The Genealogy Gems Podcast and her blog Genealogy Gems News. Her goal is to provide fun and interesting genealogical education in a variety of mediums: audio podcasts, videos, books, online resources, daily blog and e-newsletter.

The link to Part 1 and 2 of Jane's interview can be found on Jane's bio page on Lisa's site. (Thanks for the blog link, Lisa.) The bio page for Margery Bell lists several interviews about Family History Centers. Lisa has also featured interviews with two other CGS members: Steve Danko and Cath Trindle.