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06 November 2009

Gen-Alum - Stanford Class of 1959

I've given up!

I tried – I really, really tried – to bring you a photograph of some amazing and accomplished women who were classmates at Stanford University fifty years ago and now find themselves active members of the California Genealogical Society.

It first came to my attention early in 2008 that Judy Avery, Mary Mettler, Nancy Simons Peterson, Susan Nourse Peterson and Marilyn Willats were in the same class at Stanford. They didn't all know each other then but they do now, and they share a passion for genealogy.

All were among the 7,500 Stanford alumni and their guests who returned to the Palo Alto campus for the annual Reunion Homecoming held Oct. 22 - 25, 2009. The Class of 1959 broke a 50th-reunion class record with nearly 800 alumni and guests in attendance, representing 45% of their Cardinal class.

It was the perfect opportunity to get them all together for a group photograph – something I've been trying to do for a year and a half. One of them admitted that they did meet up during the weekend but did they turn a camera on themselves for the blog? No!

So you will have to look elsewhere to see their photographs. They have all been generous volunteers to the society and you will find their names in the sidebar with links to previous blog articles (with photos) about their contributions to CGS.

And since the "Big Game" is almost upon us, I fully expect to hear from a few CGS Cal grads. Just make sure you send photos.