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16 December 2009

Feedback From the New York City Research Workshop

CGSL blog roving reporter and photographer Tim Cox sent word that Steve Harris "did a wonderful job" at last Saturday's New York City: Insider's Guide to Research workshop. He sent photos and added, "Everyone enjoyed the class and they want more!" 

Tim sent this summary of the feedback forms:
  • Participants in the class: 16
  • CGS members in the class: 12
  • Non-members in the class: 4
  • Feedback forms submitted: 10
  • Most people heard about the class via eNews.
  • Length of the class (4 hrs.) seemed to be enough time, but they were left wanting more information.

The New York City research workshop was one of a series that the society has sponsored, focusing on research aids: Digital Photography, Using Land Records, publishing: Microsoft Word Skills, Hints on Publishing, and on specific locales: Eastern Europe, Scandinavia.

Tim and Carolyn Steinberg are the members of the CGS Events Committee who have been coordinating the workshops and they have been doing an outstanding job. They oversee every aspect – from the scheduling and planning phase all the way to set up, check in, clean up and reporting on attendance and evaluations. So it's accolades all around – to Carolyn, Tim and to Steve.

And, by the way, the Events Committee is busy finalizing the 2010 calendar. Here's a preview of some of the programs being planned:
  • Tech Saturday Sessions starting in January
  • The Successful Research Trip: Lessons Learned on the Road by Mary Mettler
  • Tour of Mountain View Cemetery
  • Chinese-American Research Workshop
  • Hispanic Research Workshop
I'll be posting details here as the programs are finalized so stay tuned!

Photographs courtesy of Tim Cox, 12/12/2009, Oakland, California.