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21 January 2010

What You Missed: Annual Business Meeting - January 9, 2010

The Annual Business Meeting of the California Genealogical Society was held on Saturday, January 9, 2010, at 1:00 p.m., at the library. President Jane Knowles Lindsey made her last "state of the society" address to members and presided over the election of new three new directors and approval of the 2010 budget. There were approximately forty-five members in attendance.

Nominating Committee chair Chris Pattillo presented the list of nominees for seats on the Board of Directors: Tom Gesner, Craig Manson and Jeffrey Vaillant, who were elected by acclamation.

This year, instead of committees presenting their individual reports, Jane summarized the efforts of the various work groups. She reported that the financials of the society are much improved over last year.

Kathryn Doyle made a brief presentation outlining the work of the Publications and Marketing Committee on the society "brand" and unveiled the new website masthead and URL to generous applause.

Two members spoke about their interesting genealogy projects. Kathy Beals recounted the evolution of her four "Early Families of New Hampshire" books: Unity (1997), Bradford (2004), Dalton (2006) and Bethlehem (2009). Jeanie Low gave the highlights of her work with the "Save Our National Archives" (SONA) group and the ten-year stuggle to save the Alien Files (A Files) from destruction.

Jane closed the meeting by summarizing some of the accomplishments made by the society during her six years as president:

  • moving the library to the Breuner Building in March 2007
  • increase in membership and attendance at the library
  • organization and preservation of the manuscript collection
  • replacement of ten society computers
  • publication of A Most Dreadful Earthquake and Raking the Ashes
  • creation of a new website
  • start of the CGS eNews and blog
  • reintroduction of the society periodical - The California Nugget