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06 August 2010

Kind Words From a New (To Me) Member

While scrolling through Google Reader I was pleasantly surprised to come upon a glowing review of our Lookups service by Leah Allen in Follow Friday: CGSL Look-Ups.

Her kind words are especially meaningful because the California Genealogical Society Lookups and Research team has been stretched to the breaking point with their work on the Judge project. Now that the book has been published I hope they are all catching up on their sleep. On behalf of our Lookups Committee – Judy Bodycote, Lavinia Schwarz, Pat Smith and Jim Sorenson – thanks, Leah, for the commendation!

The other part of the surprise was learning that we have another member blogger. Leah is a student and the author of two genealogy blogs: The Internet Genealogist and The Sacramento Valley Graveyard Rabbit. I've added the links to the sidebar collection of blogs written by CGS members. It's getting to be a large collection so I invite you to do some browsing!

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