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09 August 2010

More Cousins Meet at the Library!

Tim Cox sent word of another cousin meeting at the CGS library.

Second cousins Christy Gale and Sally Bentley met online via a few months ago and made plans to meet in person at the California Genealogical Society Library. They attended the First Free Saturday Intro to Genealogy class taught by Lisa Gorrell on June 5, 2010.

(L to R) Sally Bentley, Christy Gale, and Catherine Lewis. 

Sally sent this note:
Since Christy had recently become a member of the CGS she asked if I'd like to meet her (and her niece Catherine) at the library for a beginner's meeting. Oakland was a good half-way point between Concord and Fremont. It was great to meet Christy and Catherine in person. It's always fun to meet family even if we are 2nds! A couple of years ago I had another online meeting with another 2nd – Russell Gale – who is Christy's first cousin. We keep in touch share information with each other.
During their visit, CGS President Steve Harris gave the cousins some assistance and was able to locate the obituary of their common ancestor, great-grandfather William Henry Gale.

By all accounts it was a successful encounter in every way.

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