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21 August 2010

Todoroo Genealogy Apps for the Android

Dick Eastman recently published an update article in response to a reader's comment: "I wish someone would write a genealogy application for the Android operating system." I'm pleased to announce two Android apps for genealogy from Todoroo – both created by our own Cathy Paris.

Todoroo is the Palo Alto, California company that created Astrid - the popular organization tool for Google Android phones that was downloaded over 300,000 times in less than a year. Co-founded by Cathy's son, Jon Paris, Todoroo is developing a line of "self help" mobile apps called "Roos." Their unique approach to technology has a decided psychological bent which promises to "nudge" us into action with "expert advice and creative reminders" to help us reach our goals.
Our Roos know that you're forgetful, lazy, and easily taken off-task. They help by super-charging the classic to-do list. Trying to manage your money better? Let the wisdom of experts provide you with new tips and relevant feedback based on your spending patterns last week. Working hard to meet a deadline three weeks away or hardly working? A Roo can provide a helpful nudge on the to-do items you keep postponing. Whatever the task, a Roo can help you keep moving in the right direction.
Cathy's first app is Introduction to Genealogy which is a module for beginners which sends messages to the user's phone to help them get started and presents a variety of ways for the novice to become acquainted with the world of genealogy.
Who do you think you are? I will direct you to tools for effectively journeying into the past and will lead you to the places - both real and virtual - where genealogists lurk and where invaluable information can be found.
For experienced family historians, Cathy created the Genealogy Research Planner:
Are you doing research on multiple branches of your family and having trouble creating and maintaining detailed research plans? As an alternative, use me to create, for handy reference on your smart phone, a research plan/checklist for each of the eight major branches of your family. Simply check one or more of the twenty-five significant areas in which you plan to focus your research activities.
The Todoroo website states that the company will be releasing a version for the iPhone in the coming months.

Cathy H. Paris is a member of the California Genealogical Society's board of directors and is chairperson of the Publications and Marketing Committee. With her expertise in process engineering, she was the creator of the federal government's first fully functional electronic commerce system. Cathy has been researching her family history since 1999 and she's been blogging her genealogy at Is Meets Was. She is currently working on The Ancestor App, coming soon, which will lead users to various websites to learn more about an ancestor.

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