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21 January 2011

Craig's Report From the Blogging Workshop

Craig Siulinski shared his blogging know-how in a recent Blogging class at the library.

January 15, 2011 marked an exciting day for a few folks eager to jump into the world of genealogy blogging. After a presentation of informational slides and a demonstration of how to write a blog post using Blogger, the participants proceeded to go live with their own blogs. Much thought and discussion was spent on the selection of blog titles and the creation of effective purpose statements. As the instructor of the workshop, I am proud of these new blogs since they will surely enrich the genealogy blogging community.
  Craig created Genealogy Jamming for demonstration purposes.

June Ralston Anderson's new blog is Stray Bones.

Lisa Gorrell created Mam-ma's Southern Family.

Janice Sellers started Ancestral Discoveries.

Peg Stewart is blog author of A Forest of Oakes.

Diana Wild's new blog is Kendricks of San Francisco.

As you can see, the workshop was a tremendous success. The participants expressed pride in their new creations and appreciation for Craig's help. One reviewer wrote that "the class was a wonderful mix of lecture, conversation and help from the instructor." Peg Stewart observed, "This workshop far exceeded my expectations. I thought I would take notes during class and think about my options later at home. Instead I came away with all my questions answered, my hesitations resolved, my blog created and my first post published."

    Craig will be offering a more advanced blogging workshop on April 16, 2011. He will cover more posting topics and further use of the blogger platform.

    Congratulations to our new bloggers! Links to all are in the right sidebar under "Member Blogs."

    Photographs courtesy of Tim Cox, 1/15/2011, Oakland, California.

    Copyright © 2011 by Kathryn M. Doyle, California Genealogical Society and Library


    Anonymous said...

    Wow! Wish I lived within 75 miles of Oakland...or better yet, Craig lived down here in Santa Barbara!
    Cari Thomas

    Craig Siulinski said...

    Thanks Cari.
    I hope you can visit us at CGS sometime.
    It's funny you mentioned the idea of living in Santa Barbara as this location is one of two places in CA I would love to relocate to someday - the other being San Diego. :)

    Lorna said...

    Great job, Craig. Gosh, I remember when you were just a whippersnapper beginning blogger, and now you are a proficient instructor of the craft. Congratulations!!

    Lavinia Grace Gilbert Schwarz said...


    Thank you for a great workshop. I look forward to part 2! Your enthusiasm and expertise were just the kickstart I needed to reactivate my blog

    Blog on!

    Craig Siulinski said...

    Thanks Lavinia,
    Glad to share what I know :)

    Valentines Day Ideas for a Girlfriend said...

    Great blog,I remember when you were just a whippersnapper beginning blogger, and now you are a proficient instructor of the craft. Congratulations!!