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13 January 2011

Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy 2011 - Jeff's Report #5

Jeff's series continues from SLIG.

Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy
Salt Lake City, UT
Thursday, 13 Jan 2011

Another morning opened with the homework debriefing. Not a lot of hands went up with solutions. Some students took up to four hours to try to solve the problem. The outcome for all, I would say, is a better understanding of analysis.

Today we packed in five lectures starting with Probate Strategies: Analysis, Interpretation and Correlation, Local Land Records: Analysis, Interpretations and Correlation, Bring Law to Bear on Complex Genealogical Problems, Special Problems I: Finding Immigrant and Migrant Origins and ending with Special Problems II: Identifying Female Ancestors.  Each of these presentations by Dr. Thomas Jones included little problems to solve at the end of each lecture. All of his material is copyrighted so I will obtain permission to publish a problem or two here tomorrow.

Yes, there is another homework assignment tonight. One page – which means it will be difficult. So I better get to it.

We are still behind schedule and tomorrow is Friday!

Jeffrey Vaillant
13 Jan 2011

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