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12 February 2011

The California Genealogical Society and FamilySearch on YouTube

I was disappointed not to have been able to attend the first RootsTech Conference this past weekend in Salt Lake City. Congratulations to and to the presenters and participants. I've been following the #rootstech tweets and blog posts.

One thing caught my eye on Facebook – a reference to on YouTube. (Thank you, Linda Herrick Swisher.) There was something I'd been waiting to see and had no idea it was posted online.

I shared some photos last August from the interviews with Jane Lindsey and Nancy Peterson and the filming FamilySearch did at the library. Now you can see the entire film on YouTube!

California Genealogical Society and Library works with FamilySearch to provide free online access to the records of funeral homes in the San Francisco area. These records are among the few collections that date back prior to 1906 and the San Francisco earthquake and are great substitutes for death records for that time period.

Thanks very much FamilySearch!

Update 3/1/11: the California Genealogical Society and Library is starting our next collaboration with FamilySearch Indexing: the 1852 California State Census Project.

Copyright © 2011 by Kathryn M. Doyle, California Genealogical Society and Library


Cathy said...

Thank you Kathryn. I enjoyed this story of how people and organizations working together can make things happen. The footage of San Francisco was especially enjoyable. Nancy and Jane did a great job representing the society.

Anonymous said...

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