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21 June 2011

The California Nugget, Spring 2011, Volume III, Issue 1

Yesterday, Harold Henderson of Midwestern Microhistory: A Genealogy Blog, published State and Regional Genealogy Journals: The List. "The List" is a downloadable pdf file of genealogical periodicals published by genealogy organizations throughout the United States, compiled by Henderson and Michael Hait. They make the point that state journals "often contain high-quality genealogies of local families, utilizing a wide variety of local, state, and federal records."

The article was timely since the newest issue of The California Nugget has been printed and mailed to members. As always, the Spring 2011 Nugget includes exactly the kind of local genealogies Hait and Henderson describe.

I'm sure editor Jane Huff won't mind if I share her page one letter:
Dear Readers:
Do you feel like you are still just getting started in genealogy? Chris Pattillo had begun her family history research but felt like she still didn’t know what she was doing. The story of her headlong dive into genealogy when she unexpectedly had a month off from work and her emergence four weeks later with a treasure trove of new skills, resources and information is inspirational.
Finding the Laughran Sisters Part III wraps up, for now, the story of how the discovery of one online newspaper article revealed the names and relationships of an entire pioneer California family. Resources such as are truly goldmines of information. Be sure you are using the many online newspapers to further your research.
In our California Ancestors section, Virginia Turner and Georgia Lupinsky bring to life a treasure from the CGS manuscript collection, telling the story of the Covell family who settled near San Jose. Then Bill O’Neil shares the struggles of his Union soldier ancestors in the Civil War, a conflict that took a formidable toll on many families.
We have news for our members: now is the time to sign up for the August research trip to the Allen County Public library! Information is on the flier. Also, be sure to save November 5 for a spectacular day with and the California Genealogical Society in San Francisco.
Capturing the story of any migration should be a focus of individual family histories as well as the work of genealogical societies. Now and then a best-seller, in this case Isabel Wilkerson’s The Warmth of Other Suns, reviewed in the book section, turns out to be a real addition to the literature of genealogy and family history research. Whether or not you are descended from the black southerners who made the journey north, this book speaks to every family that has ever set out for someplace better.
Jane Hufft, Editor

Twenty-First Century Genealogy
Finding the Laughran Sisters Part III by Jane Hufft
Thirty Days of Total Immersion in Genealogy by Chris Pattillo

California Ancestors
Frank Covell: California Pioneer and Family Historian by Georgia Lupinsky and Virginia Turner
Hill and Drinkwine: Civil War Ancestors by Bill O'Neil  
1883 Pensioners

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