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03 June 2011

Jeffrey Vaillant's Top Ten Reasons to Go to the Allen County Public Library

Here are Jeff's ten reasons you should sign up for the CGSL tour to the Allen County Public Library (ACPL) in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

  1. Six days of uninterrupted research!
  2. A leader to help you with your research problems (Jeffrey Vaillant).
  3. Talk non-stop genealogy to other participants to help solve problems.
  4. Fantastic resources for the Midwest and other parts of the country. Search the Genealogy Center catalog at:
  5. Open stacks – the new library opened in February 2007.
  6. A lecture by Curt Witcher, Manager, Historical Genealogy Department, Allen County Public Library.
  7. ACPL is the creator of PERSI – the Periodical Source Index. You can do all your periodical research and all periodicals are there to use. (You can search PERSI at CGS or on HeritageQuest).
  8. Unique resources due to their book binding service.
  9. Great accommodations at the Courtyard Marriott, one and one-half blocks from library.
  10. You chose this one:
  • Get away from the kids
  • Don’t have to cook
  • Pick your own schedule
  • See the TinCaps minor league baseball team
  • Visit an auto museum
  • Learn the tune to "Back Home in Indiana."
    Download the registration flier or register online.

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