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29 October 2011

Chinese-American Genealogy Resources November 12, 2011

CGS member Kay Speaks sent word of this upcoming workshop.

Saturday, November 12, 2011
12:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Oakland Regional Family History Center
4766 Lincoln Avenue
Oakland, CA 94602

Are you curious about what Chinese resources are available at the Oakland Regional Family History Center but haven't had the chance to check it out? Come learn from Assistant Director Marge Bell of the center and Kay Speaks and Christine DeVillier as they tell us how they have used the resources of the center and its Salt Lake City parent, the Family History Library, to research their Chinese roots. Kay will be covering research techniques at the center and Christine will talk about using the FamilySearch catalog and Chinese databases. All are welcome to attend - you don't have to be a church member.

12 noon – Bring a bag lunch to talk story with the group. Bring your discoveries or share any roadblocks you are facing in your research so the group can brainstorm some research options.

1:30 to 3:30 p.m. – Orientation to the center by Marge Bell, examples of research by Kay Speaks and Christine DeVillier, experienced genealogists.

The classroom has seventy seats and about sixty computers, so we will take the first 60 respondents, and then have a wait list.

Cost: Free!

RSVP by emailing Kay Speaks. When you respond, if you wish, please list your name, city of residence, village, surnames, etc. Depending on response, we may limit the number of attendees from each family.

Sponsored by Oakland Regional Family History Center and Chinese-American Family History Yahoo Group

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24 October 2011

San Francisco Bay Area Genealogy Calendar: November 2011 Published

November 2011 events have been published on the San Francisco Bay Area Genealogy Calendar – a collection of local genealogical society classes, workshops and meetings within a 75 mile radius of San Francisco.

The November calendar has forty-five classes and events at various venues around the Bay Area, sponsored by twenty different societies and genealogy libraries.

If you would like to add your group's events to the calendar, please email the information by the 15th of each month for publication on or before the 25th. (Please put "SFBA Calendar" in the subject line.)

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21 October 2011

The Ancestry and Descendancy of Thomas Frost of Hebron, Connecticut

It's always a pleasure to write about the publication of a new genealogy by one of our members and it's especially nice when the member is one of our hard-working volunteers. So it is with double pleasure, and a great deal of amazement, that I introduce the new two-volume work by Larry Youngman,
The Ancestry and Descendancy of Thomas Frost of Hebron, Connecticut.

The two volumes are a culmination of three years work by Larry but also a lifetime of work by his co-author, the late Evelyn Annis Frost Baum Rush. Larry and Evelyn were introduced by a third Frost cousin, Harriette Froid. All three joined forces and expanded their research efforts to include other branches of the Frost family. After Harriette's death, Evelyn and Larry agreed to be joint compilers of this book.

Larry and Evelyn built upon initial research conducted by Josephine C. Stillman Frost whose work, The Frost Genealogy, was published in 1912. Co-author Evelyn Rush devoted her "golden years" to the project and amassed an enormous amount of research material. Over a fifty-year period, hundreds of family members had submitted information to Evelyn who did not live to see the finished work. Prior to her death in October 2010, at the age of 90, Evelyn sent Larry her entire collection of books, source documents, and research – a total of 4,900 lbs. in 185 boxes! Larry combined her research with his, and transcribed all of it into his database.

The result is a fully-indexed, two-volume hard-bound set, with more than 980 pages, documenting the ancestors of Thomas Frost (1718-1798) of Hebron, Connecticut, and his descendants. Included are over 1,000 photos of family members.

In the forward, Youngman reflects back upon the journey "and upon the impact of the marriage of Thomas and Abigail Frost. The result of this union has directly impacted the lives of the over 7,000 descendants during the following 260 years as documented in this work."

Volume I includes: Preface, Introductions, Acknowledgements / Frequently Used Reference Book Titles / Part I - Thomas Frost of the Kennebec / Part II - The Second Generation / Part III - The Third Generation - Thomas Frost (1718 - 1798) / Part IV - The Fourth and Later Generations.

Volume II is a continuation of Part IV – The Fourth and Later Generations. For a complete list of the major surnames in the work, visit Larry’s website: Thomas Frost Family.

Larry Youngman has been conducting genealogy research for over thirty-five years, and has published ten lineage books covering the mid-1400's through present day. He is a member of the New England Historic Genealogical Society, the Mayflower Society of California, the Association of Professional Genealogists, and the California Genealogical Society, where he serves as the webmaster for their site, Youngman conducts professional research via his website GenealogyPro.

The Ancestry and Descendancy of Thomas Frost of Hebron, Connecticut is available for purchase at Youngman’s Lulu bookstore.

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20 October 2011

What Do Dead People, Greed and Real Estate Have in Common?

Answer: Cemeteries!

In 1900, San Francisco was a Wild West boom town driven by greed. The city fathers removed cemeteries and banned burials. Research Director Nancy Peterson shares this little-known piece of San Francisco history in a new video by Shannon Reese and Kathleen Jones.

San Francisco Cemeteries: What Happened?
Announcer: Tayler Jones
Directed by: Shannon Reese
Edited by: Kathleen Jones

Visit our YouTube channel: CAancestors

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14 October 2011

A Special Wedding Gift: The Pattillo Family History

Earlier this year, then-Vice President Chris Pattillo shared her Genealogy Addiction with readers. Chris was in a race with the clock to finish another family history book in time for a family wedding.

I'm pleased to announce that Chris finished on time and published The Pattillo Family History with Stover, Drake, Gaines, Land and Ward Ancestors. She brought a copy to "Creative Ways to Share and Write Your Family History Research" – one of the Thursday evening discussions this summer.

Chris was able to make her deadline thanks to the assistance of Ernie Grafe. Originally, she had intended to learn InDesign and do all the production work herself. She notes: "Since I had such a short time to write, edit and produce the book (only 4 months), I wisely made the decision to work with Ernie, an editor/producer who I met while taking an InDesign class and whose services I have since utilized for my business." Chris advises it's okay to use help: "It's not cheating and frees one to concentrate on the research and writing."

The Pattillo Family History with Stover, Drake, Gaines, Land and Ward Ancestors

From the back cover:
About the Author
I am the great-granddaughter of James William Pattillo and Carrie Brooks Stover, granddaughter of Lewis Wood and daughter of James Edward Pattillo. This is my fourth family history publication, but not the last. I have been interested in genealogy since the mid-1960s. I joined the California Genealogical Society (CGS), based in downtown Oakland, in 2004. In the summer of 2010 I took a month off and immersed myself in family history research. I learned many new research techniques and was finding a lot of new information. Using the Melba Crosse book and other family trees found online, I was able to take our family back several more generations. I knew I would want to publish another book and share this information with the rest of our family, but the question was, when? Your “Save the Date” postcard gave me the answer. Since it arrived I have been possessed, and devoted most of my free time to continuing my research and writing this book. During my month off, and since, I have learned a tremendous amount about how to do genealogy research. The members of CGS have been generous and patient in guiding me along — particularly Jane Lindsey, Vinnie Schwarz and Judy Bodycote. I am grateful for their help, passion and inspiration.

Congratulations, Chris, and thanks for the tips.

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07 October 2011

November Membership Meeting: Members Talk, CGS Listens

Saturday, November 12, 2011
1:00 p.m.

California Genealogical Society Library
2201 Broadway, Suite LL2
Oakland, CA 94612

The California Genealogical Society has had a busy and productive 2011. As we begin to make plans for 2012, we thought it was important to make time for member feedback. We want to know what you're thinking!

Join President Stephen Harris and Vice-President Jeffrey Vaillant for a special member session where you'll do all the talking. We're seeking input and feedback from members on a variety of topics. Join us for a one-sided conversation: you talk, we listen!

For our distant members who can't make it, please leave a comment here and I'll make sure your remarks are read at the meeting.

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03 October 2011

Honored Twice and Doubly Well-Stated!

The December 2011 issue of Family Tree Magazine arrived and this month's cover is their now annual feature: 75 Best State Websites.

Contributing editor Rick Crume, in the article "Well Stated" (pages 20-26), lists the magazine's 2011 picks for the seventy-five best U.S. state-focused websites for genealogical research.

In selecting this year's best state websites for genealogy, we were looking for databases where you can look for a relative's name. Many of the 75 sites (at least one per state) have indexes, and in many cases, you can even view images of original records.

The Golden State has two picks and the California Genealogical Society and Library is proud to have close ties to both!

The first is our own website
Click the Databases tab to search more than 350,000 records – including voter registers, probate records, cemetery records and more – in the California Names Index for free. If your ancestor's name appears you can order a copy of their original record for $10. Members have online access to San Francisco church records and newspapers.

The second is the California Digital Newspaper Collection, founded by our newest board member, Dr. Henry Snyder.
Access more than 5 million California newspaper articles from 1846 to 2009.
Henry is the former director of The Center for Bibliographical Studies and Research (CBSR) at the University of California, Riverside, where he led the California Newspaper Project from 1990 through 2009.

I've written before about Professor Snyder and the project which went digital in 2007. In case you missed it, Henry's article The California Newspaper: What Survives and How to Find It was published last year in the Fall 2010 issue of the Nugget. CGS is honored to have such an esteemed historian on our board and we're thrilled that Family Tree Magazine is bringing attention to his work.

This is the second year that the CGS website was chosen. We're honored to be listed among so many fantastic online state resources. Thank you, Family Tree Magazine!

Kudos to Kathy Watson and Larry Youngman and their technology team who work tirelessly for the society to keep our website up-to-date.

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01 October 2011

eNews October 2011, volume 5, number 10

The October 2011 eNews, volume 5, number 10,  has been published and emailed to members and friends. As always, the eNews features timely information about the California Genealogical Society and our upcoming events. Each edition also includes Suggested Links From the Blogosphere and a photo feature: California Ancestors.

This month, member Pat Gallagher honors her Gallagher family of San Francisco.

L to R, seated: Alice, William J., Jr (my father), Mary Maloney (my grandmother), William J. Gallagher (my grandfather); rear, standing: Madeline and Theresa

Past issues of the eNews are available at the eNews archive.

The November 2011 issue will be emailed on October 31, 2011. To receive a copy, please join our mailing list.

Photograph courtesy of Patricia Gallagher.

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