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21 October 2011

The Ancestry and Descendancy of Thomas Frost of Hebron, Connecticut

It's always a pleasure to write about the publication of a new genealogy by one of our members and it's especially nice when the member is one of our hard-working volunteers. So it is with double pleasure, and a great deal of amazement, that I introduce the new two-volume work by Larry Youngman,
The Ancestry and Descendancy of Thomas Frost of Hebron, Connecticut.

The two volumes are a culmination of three years work by Larry but also a lifetime of work by his co-author, the late Evelyn Annis Frost Baum Rush. Larry and Evelyn were introduced by a third Frost cousin, Harriette Froid. All three joined forces and expanded their research efforts to include other branches of the Frost family. After Harriette's death, Evelyn and Larry agreed to be joint compilers of this book.

Larry and Evelyn built upon initial research conducted by Josephine C. Stillman Frost whose work, The Frost Genealogy, was published in 1912. Co-author Evelyn Rush devoted her "golden years" to the project and amassed an enormous amount of research material. Over a fifty-year period, hundreds of family members had submitted information to Evelyn who did not live to see the finished work. Prior to her death in October 2010, at the age of 90, Evelyn sent Larry her entire collection of books, source documents, and research – a total of 4,900 lbs. in 185 boxes! Larry combined her research with his, and transcribed all of it into his database.

The result is a fully-indexed, two-volume hard-bound set, with more than 980 pages, documenting the ancestors of Thomas Frost (1718-1798) of Hebron, Connecticut, and his descendants. Included are over 1,000 photos of family members.

In the forward, Youngman reflects back upon the journey "and upon the impact of the marriage of Thomas and Abigail Frost. The result of this union has directly impacted the lives of the over 7,000 descendants during the following 260 years as documented in this work."

Volume I includes: Preface, Introductions, Acknowledgements / Frequently Used Reference Book Titles / Part I - Thomas Frost of the Kennebec / Part II - The Second Generation / Part III - The Third Generation - Thomas Frost (1718 - 1798) / Part IV - The Fourth and Later Generations.

Volume II is a continuation of Part IV – The Fourth and Later Generations. For a complete list of the major surnames in the work, visit Larry’s website: Thomas Frost Family.

Larry Youngman has been conducting genealogy research for over thirty-five years, and has published ten lineage books covering the mid-1400's through present day. He is a member of the New England Historic Genealogical Society, the Mayflower Society of California, the Association of Professional Genealogists, and the California Genealogical Society, where he serves as the webmaster for their site, Youngman conducts professional research via his website GenealogyPro.

The Ancestry and Descendancy of Thomas Frost of Hebron, Connecticut is available for purchase at Youngman’s Lulu bookstore.

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