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14 October 2011

A Special Wedding Gift: The Pattillo Family History

Earlier this year, then-Vice President Chris Pattillo shared her Genealogy Addiction with readers. Chris was in a race with the clock to finish another family history book in time for a family wedding.

I'm pleased to announce that Chris finished on time and published The Pattillo Family History with Stover, Drake, Gaines, Land and Ward Ancestors. She brought a copy to "Creative Ways to Share and Write Your Family History Research" – one of the Thursday evening discussions this summer.

Chris was able to make her deadline thanks to the assistance of Ernie Grafe. Originally, she had intended to learn InDesign and do all the production work herself. She notes: "Since I had such a short time to write, edit and produce the book (only 4 months), I wisely made the decision to work with Ernie, an editor/producer who I met while taking an InDesign class and whose services I have since utilized for my business." Chris advises it's okay to use help: "It's not cheating and frees one to concentrate on the research and writing."

The Pattillo Family History with Stover, Drake, Gaines, Land and Ward Ancestors

From the back cover:
About the Author
I am the great-granddaughter of James William Pattillo and Carrie Brooks Stover, granddaughter of Lewis Wood and daughter of James Edward Pattillo. This is my fourth family history publication, but not the last. I have been interested in genealogy since the mid-1960s. I joined the California Genealogical Society (CGS), based in downtown Oakland, in 2004. In the summer of 2010 I took a month off and immersed myself in family history research. I learned many new research techniques and was finding a lot of new information. Using the Melba Crosse book and other family trees found online, I was able to take our family back several more generations. I knew I would want to publish another book and share this information with the rest of our family, but the question was, when? Your “Save the Date” postcard gave me the answer. Since it arrived I have been possessed, and devoted most of my free time to continuing my research and writing this book. During my month off, and since, I have learned a tremendous amount about how to do genealogy research. The members of CGS have been generous and patient in guiding me along — particularly Jane Lindsey, Vinnie Schwarz and Judy Bodycote. I am grateful for their help, passion and inspiration.

Congratulations, Chris, and thanks for the tips.

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