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20 August 2012

Silent Auction Items Needed for October Seminar with NEHGS

The silent auctions held at past California Genealogical Society events have been very successful fund-raisers. Members donate things that appeal to others who bid on them. The auctions are a place to browse between lectures and they are 100% profit for the society.

Items are needed for our October seminar. Can you help?

Look around your home. Do you have something that might be a sought-after auction item? Use your imagination! Here are a few examples:

Decorative – nice glass or crystal pieces, sculptures, a set of dishes, a set of popular books, handmade items such as quilts or afghans. One member donated a leather briefcase for a past NEHGS event.

Special Opportunities - a cruise on the Bay, a tour of something not readily available to the public, or tickets to a special event. A behind-the-scenes tour of BART was a well-received item at one of our events.

Services - genealogical research, software tutoring, entering genealogy into a database, etc.

Small items for Theme Baskets
  • Baskets
  • Coffee, mugs, scone or muffin mix for a "Coffee-break basket"
  • Wine, glasses, appetizers, napkins  for a "Happy-hour basket"
  • Scented soaps, oils, lufa for a "Spa basket"
  • Picnic basket
All suggestions welcome! 

Please email Cynthia Gorman or call her at 510-465-4122 if you have any questions or possible silent auction items.

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