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30 November 2012

Bad Indians: a Tribal Memoir – Book Event with Deborah Miranda

Saturday, January 26, 2013
2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

California Genealogical Society Library
2201 Broadway, Suite LL2
Oakland, California 94612

The California Genealogical Society is pleased to welcome author Deborah A. Miranda who will read from her new book, Bad Indians: a Tribal Memoir.

The book integrates California Mission Indian tribal history, family and oral histories and also features a genealogy based on her mother's work that traces her Ohlone/Costanoan-Essalen ancestors A powerful account of loss and survival, Miranda reassembles the shards of her people's past in this groundbreaking book.

Seating is limited. Please arrive early.

Bad Indians: a Tribal Memoir
2013 by Deborah A. Miranda
Paperback, 6 x 9, 240 pagesISBN: 978-1-59714-201-4

Deborah A. Miranda is an enrolled member of the Ohlone Costanoan Esselen Nation of California, and is also of Chumash and Jewish ancestry. The author of two poetry collections – Indian Cartography, which won the Diane Decorah Award for First Book from the Native Writer's Circle of the Americas, and The Zen of La Llorona, nominated for the Lambda Literary Award – she also has a collection of essays, The Hidden Stories of Isabel Meadows and Other California Indian Lacunae, forthcoming from the University of Nebraska Press. Miranda is an associate professor of English at Washington and Lee University and says reading lists for her students include as many books by 'bad Indians' as possible.

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29 November 2012

Gather at the Table Book Signing Event

Sunday, January 20, 2013
2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Museum of the African Diaspora
685 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94105

Two people, one journey, from slavery to healing.

Gather at the Table, The Healing Journey of a Daughter of Slavery and a Son of the Slave Trade is the chronicle of Tom DeWolf and Sharon Morgan’s shared journey toward racial reconciliation. Over a three year period, the pair traveled thousands of miles—visiting ancestral towns, courthouses, cemeteries, plantations, antebellum mansions, and historic sites both overseas and in twenty-seven states—and engaged in deep conversations about how the lingering trauma of slavery shaped their lives.

DeWolf and Morgan will share the story of their journey and lead attendees through an interactive exercise.

Museum admission: $10 adults, $5 seniors (65 and over) and full-time students with ID. FREE for children 12 and under. Seating is limited to the first eighty people. Please arrive early.

Sharon Morgan and Tom DeWolf
photo credit: Kristin Little
This event is sponsored by the African American Genealogical Society of Northern California (AAGSNC), Museum of the African Diaspora, and the California Genealogical Society and Library.

Update: Authors Sharon Morgan and Tom DeWolf were interviewed on Christmas Day by Celeste Headlee on "Tell Me More" on NPR. You can read the transcript or listen to the program stream Descendants of Slaves, Slave Traders, Come Together.

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28 November 2012

Fifth Blogiversary Thanks

The California Genealogical Society has been publishing this blog for five years! The blog was created for and about the members of the society. I offer my annual "thank-you" to the members who have contributed photographs, articles, and their stories.

In addition, this year I would like to highlight some special friends who I first "met" virtually but who have become great "real-life" friends as well. They have all since become members and supporters of the California Genealogical Society. Thank you, Craig, Sheri, Cheryl, Thomas, Amy, Elizabeth, Kim, and Denise!

Links to all of their blogs can also be found in the right sidebar of this blog under "CGS Member Blogs" with those of other blogs written by members of the society. For a long time this blog roll was a lonely place, but as you can see, many members are blogging. Thank you all, for the time and effort you expend to share your genealogy. If I have missed your blog and you are a CGS member, please leave a comment so I can add yours to the list.

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27 November 2012

Using Excel and Word to Analyze and Present Your Genealogy Research

Saturday, January 26, 2013
1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

California Genealogical Society Library 
2201 Broadway, Suite LL2  
Oakland, CA 94612 

A new year heralds good organizational intentions so be sure to sign up for the first "Tech Saturday" in 2013. Tim Cox has created a new workshop featuring some of his favorite tips and techniques. Learn how using Excel™ and Word™, along with your genealogy database, can help keep you organized. Creating timelines, lists, logs, or reports may show you some obvious answers in information that you've already collected or identify holes where more information is needed.

This workshop is for beginners using Microsoft Excel and Word 2010. Tim will look at some of the differences in versions 2007 vs. 2010. Earlier versions will not be discussed. Laptops are strongly encouraged.

Some of the things on the workshop agenda:

  • Review the basic features in the ribbon
  • Set preferences to customize Excel
  • Create a timeline
  • Create a research journal

  • Review the basic features in the ribbon
  • Set preferences to customize Word
  • Create a document using these features:
    • Headers and footers
    • Page breaks
    • Section breaks
    • Footnotes and endnotes
    • Inserting a table
    • Adding an image
    • Create a family tree image
    • Inserting symbols and special characters
    • Table of contents
    • Indexing
Register online.

The workshop is limited to twelve participants and is a free benefit of membership. Non-members fee is $20.00 (non-refundable) and can be applied towards membership on the day of the workshop.

Preregistration is required. Walk-ins will not be admitted. Registration confirmations will be sent to the first twelve registrants. Additional names will be collected and placed on a waiting list in case of cancellations.

Tim Cox has been a family historian and genealogist for more than twenty years. He is a member of numerous genealogical societies across the country, and has served as the Education and Events coordinator for the California Genealogical Society and Library for the past three years.

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26 November 2012

San Francisco Bay Area Genealogy Calendar: December 2012 Published

December 2012 events have been published on the San Francisco Bay Area Genealogy Calendar – a collection of local genealogical society classes, workshops and meetings within a 75 mile radius of San Francisco.

Because of the holidays, the December calendar is light with only twenty-five events listed at various venues around the Bay Area.

If you would like to add your group's events to the calendar, please email the information by the 15th of each month. (Please include "SFBA Calendar" in the subject line.)

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23 November 2012

Field Trip to the New Sutro Library – Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday, January 23, 2013
10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Orientation at 10:30 a.m.

California State Library – Sutro
1630 Holloway Avenue
San Francisco, California 94132

The California State Library – Sutro branch re-opened at its new location in August of this year. Genealogists, historians, and other researchers can discover the Sutro’s rich collections and resources housed in a spacious, well-lit reading room designed specifically for their patrons. 

California Genealogical Society members will have an opportunity to visit the new library on Wednesday, January 23, 2013. Join CGS Outreach Coordinator Pat Gallagher for a fun day of research. 

Itinerary for the Day

  • 10:00 a.m. – Sutro Library opens
  • 10:30 a.m. – Private orientation for the group
  • 11:00 a.m to 4:45 p.m. – free time to do research
  • 5:00 p.m. – Sutro closes

There is a cafe on the main floor of the library that has coffee and snacks. Visitors are allowed to bring a bag lunch or go out to one of the many eateries around the campus.

This field trip is organized for CGS members only. Non-members interested in participating in the visit are encouraged to become members prior to January 15, 2013. Pre-registration is required.

Register online.

On the online registration form, attendees need to specify if they are interested in a carpool or BART.

Information links from the San Francisco State University website:

Directions using BART


Shuttle service

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21 November 2012

Wordless Wednesday

A Visit to the J. Paul Leonard - Sutro Library
San Francisco State University Campus
Wednesday, October 10, 2012


A glimpse into the 6th Floor Archives.
Librarian Diane Kohnke holds the Hokusai Sketchbook – part of the Adoph Sutro Manuscript Collection.

Photographs by Kathryn M. Doyle, San Francisco, California.

Copyright © 2012 by Kathryn M. Doyle, California Genealogical Society and Library

16 November 2012

Annual Business Meeting – Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday, January 12, 2013
1:00 p.m.

California Genealogical Society Library
2201 Broadway, Suite LL2
Oakland, CA 94612

The bylaws of the California Genealogical Society specify that the regular January membership meeting shall be the Annual Business Meeting "at which time the annual budget shall be adopted and all appropriate business presented."

President Jeff Vaillant will preside over the meeting. Agenda items will include:
  • treasurer's report and presentation of results of the review of the investment portfolio and financial records by Laura Lee Karp
  • presentation of and approval of the society budget
  • report from the nominating committee by Karen Lemelin
  • nominations and election of new board members
  • brief committee reports
  • remarks from the president
Following the meeting there will be a member reception and refreshments in the Sherman Room.

The annual meeting is always well-attended so please arrive early to get a seat

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12 November 2012

Tour You Missed: 2012 Research Trip to Boston and NEHGS

A week's vacation spent in libraries is not everyone's "cup of tea" but for a genealogist it is a dream come true. This year's California Genealogical Society Tour to Boston – home to the Boston Public Library and the New England Historic Genealogical Society Library – was a successful adventure for  ten members.

Bates Hall Reading Room, Boston Central Library at Copley Square

Tour leader Jane Lindsey has provided several photographs of the week and several of the attendees have provided feedback.

Jane Wolf Hufft at the Boston Public Library.

Jane Hufft spent the week pursuing her Cook genealogy.

This was Lynne Dory's first research tour. She found a branch of her mother's Canadian family she had never seen before. "Sarah Kast was a Palatine and British Loyalist who sacrificed a great deal for her loyalties, then ended up in Western Canada where she now has a present-day following of descendants who erected a stone in her memory."

Lynne had nothing but good things to report. "Jane Lindsey was so patient, so knowledgeable, and she even seemed as interested in my tree as I am. I was thrilled with the trip to Boston and all that I learned and gained in my family tree! I'm now looking forward to making a trip to Salt Lake City, if Jane plans to lead one in the spring."

Researching at the Boston Public Library.

Diana Morris Wild resolved several stubborn problems on two lines, confirmed many facts, and discovered she has a Mayflower ancestor.

Sisters Carolyn Lachenmayr and Judy Jones with Gary Boyd Roberts at the New England Historic Genealogical Society Library.

Judy Zelver was really pleased with the help she received from Irish Specialist Marie Daly at NEHGS. Marie was able to help Judy pinpoint the exact location where her family resided in the mid-1800s, and using an overlay with a current map in Google, Judy could virtually travel down the road where her family lived. Judy also extended her Feake family lines by several generations – back into the early 1500s in England.

Kathleen Merlino received assistance from Gary Boyd Roberts at the NEHGS Library.

Kath Frail Merilo traveled to Salem the weekend before the Boston tour. During her research week she was surprised to discover one of her ancestors was a witch:

"Gary Boyd Roberts causally mentioned that there was information about the Pease family in Massachusetts. Upon researching the name I learned that an ancestor was accused of being a witch during the Salem Witch trails in 1692. A warrant was issued for her arrest and she was arrested and jailed for a period of time. Fortunately she was not hung. I have known that I had an ancestor, Samuel Frail, who had signed a petition in defense of Jonathan Proctor, who was hung as witch, so I wanted to visit Salem and the memorial. After the trail, both the Pease and Frail families left Salem and headed West. The grandchildren of Mary Pease and Samuel Frail married around 1730."

Sandy Jones Fryer at the NEHGS Library.

Sandy Fryer reports: "Gary Boyd Roberts gave me some tremendous leads when I was at NEHGS two years ago. I thought that meant that there was not much more for this visit. I could not have been more mistaken! Gary was very generous with is time. His knowledge of early New England families is amazing. He helped me extend Peck, Kimball and Parke lines in my husband's family, and my Mainwaring, Tallman and Fuller lines, with good secondary sources. It will take me months to organize all the information I gathered and verify the data with primary sources."

Favorite signs: rest rooms at the NEHGS Library.

Be sure to read Alison Kern Shedd's account of her success at the Boston Catholic Archives, "Researching the McKinley Family in Boston," in the upcoming issue of The California Nugget.

Around the table starting left: Jane Lindsey, Diana Wild, Kathy Merilo, Carolyn Lachenmayr, Judy Jones, Lynne Dory, Pat Smith, Sandy Fryer, Alison Shedd and Judy Zelver. (Not shown: Jane Hufft.)

Photographs courtesy of Judy Jones and Jane Knowles Lindsey, Boston, Massachusetts.

Copyright © 2012 by Kathryn M. Doyle, California Genealogical Society and Library

09 November 2012

FGS Bylaws Review and Workbook

Is your genealogical society a member of the Federation of Genealogical Societies? If so, have you taken advantage of their bylaws review?

The California Genealogical Society is a member society and we had our review earlier this year. We received some great feedback and suggestions for improvement.

And there was unexpected bonus!

Roberta "Bobbi" King, Chair of the FGS Bylaws Review Committee, asked for permission to use parts of the California Genealogical Society bylaws as "good examples" in an upcoming revision of the FGS Bylaws Workbook. King wanted to use real examples of real bylaws in the workbook.

Permission was granted and I am thrilled to report that several snippets of our bylaws appear in Bylaws Workbook: A Handbook for New and Established SocietiesSecond Edition.

Bylaws Workbook Cover

The workbook is designed to help societies create successful bylaws that prevent confusion, dissension, and disagreement. Whether large or small, new or established, societies can use this guide in planning, drafting, and implementing bylaws that guarantee a smooth-running organization. Whether a society realizes it or not, the most important document for its members is the bylaws. It is the only document that tells the members how the society is supposed to function.

Bylaws Workbook is available for purchase directly from ($4.99 + shipping/handling)

About the Authors

Marcia S. Lindley, an active member of the Arizona State Genealogical Society, has served a variety of positions including president, vice president, director and member of the Editorial Board. She was responsible for leading a group of society members in an extensive review of their bylaws. She is a staff attorney with the Court of Appeals of the State of Arizona and holds degrees in history and law.

Roberta "Bobbi" King was for several years a member of the FGS board of directors as well as serving as Vice-President of Administration and parliamentarian. King is a member of the bylaws committee and the bylaws review committee, for which she has reviewed dozens of society bylaws. She is associated with several Colorado genealogical societies, as well as a member of the National Genealogical Society and the Association of Professional Genealogists. She was recipient of the APGQ Award of Excellence in 2008.

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05 November 2012

News from the 2012 Nominating Committee

The 2012 Nominating Committee – Linda Okazaki, Jane Lindsey, and Chair Karen Lemelin – announce the nominations for the 2013-2014 board of directors for the California Genealogical Society. Nominations will be presented at the Annual Business Meeting on Saturday, January 9, 2013 at 1:00 p.m.

The nominated members for board of director positions are:
  • Diana Edwards
  • Shannon Reese
Kim Cotton, Ellen Fernandez-Sacco, Pat Gallagher, Karin Lemelin, and Nicka Smith are continuing their first terms (1-2014). Sandy Fryer’s first term ends in January; she will not be serving a second term. Lisa Gorrell, Laura Lee Karp, Henry Snyder, and Jim Sorenson are nominated for their second terms (2-2015). Tom Gesner and Jeff Vaillant are continuing their second terms (2-2014). Diana Wild’s second term ends in January; she will not be serving a third term. Kathryn Doyle has completed her third term and is not eligible for another term. Steve Harris serves as past-president.

About the new nominees:

Diana Edwards inherited her grandmother’s interest in family history along with her grandmother’s collected genealogy notes, family photos, and ephemera of several generations. Diana studied for a Ph.D. in Education Policy and History at U.C. Berkeley, and worked as a researcher for many years. She has used these skills, as well as her love of libraries, to trace her family history and the historical context of their lives. While not complete, most lines lead to the early 1700s in America, with few known immigrants. She is now working on her sons’ paternal family, which will lead to African American and French genealogy. Diana joined the California Genealogical Society in 2001, but has not been an active member until her retirement last year from public school teaching. Diana’s previous governing board experience was on the Albany City Parks and Recreation Commission, where she served as a commissioner, and then as chair for two years.

Shannon Reese successfully sold residential real estate for eight years after a six-year career in corporate sales and management in the office furniture manufacturing industry. Reese holds a B.A. in Radio, Television & Film from Auburn University. With the birth of his daughter in 2009, Shannon became an Alameda stay-at-home dad. In 2011 he began volunteering with the California Genealogical Society on the research committee, then found his place with Publications & Marketing.

Shannon states “I feel that telling the stories of the society and its members is the key to getting others excited about genealogy. Publications & Marketing is embracing this idea by using social media, video, and publications to let the world know what we have to offer." As the committee’s current chair, he thinks these ideas differentiate CGS from other genealogical societies. Only by changing and adapting (with a clear understanding of our past) will CGS remain relevant to the needs of both today’s and tomorrow’s future family history enthusiasts.

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01 November 2012

eNews November 2012, volume 6, number 11

The November 2012 eNews, volume 6, number 11,  has been published and emailed to members and friends. As always, the eNews features timely information about the California Genealogical Society and our upcoming events. Each edition also includes Suggested Links From the Blogosphere and a photo feature: California Ancestors.

This month we honor Thad Tracy, great-grandfather of California Genealogical Society board member and corresponding secretary, Karen Lemelin.

Thad Tracy (1865-1902)

Past issues of the eNews are available at the eNews archive.

The December 2012 issue will be emailed on November 30, 2012. To receive a copy, please join our mailing list.

Photograph courtesy of Karen Lemelin.

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