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09 November 2012

FGS Bylaws Review and Workbook

Is your genealogical society a member of the Federation of Genealogical Societies? If so, have you taken advantage of their bylaws review?

The California Genealogical Society is a member society and we had our review earlier this year. We received some great feedback and suggestions for improvement.

And there was unexpected bonus!

Roberta "Bobbi" King, Chair of the FGS Bylaws Review Committee, asked for permission to use parts of the California Genealogical Society bylaws as "good examples" in an upcoming revision of the FGS Bylaws Workbook. King wanted to use real examples of real bylaws in the workbook.

Permission was granted and I am thrilled to report that several snippets of our bylaws appear in Bylaws Workbook: A Handbook for New and Established SocietiesSecond Edition.

Bylaws Workbook Cover

The workbook is designed to help societies create successful bylaws that prevent confusion, dissension, and disagreement. Whether large or small, new or established, societies can use this guide in planning, drafting, and implementing bylaws that guarantee a smooth-running organization. Whether a society realizes it or not, the most important document for its members is the bylaws. It is the only document that tells the members how the society is supposed to function.

Bylaws Workbook is available for purchase directly from ($4.99 + shipping/handling)

About the Authors

Marcia S. Lindley, an active member of the Arizona State Genealogical Society, has served a variety of positions including president, vice president, director and member of the Editorial Board. She was responsible for leading a group of society members in an extensive review of their bylaws. She is a staff attorney with the Court of Appeals of the State of Arizona and holds degrees in history and law.

Roberta "Bobbi" King was for several years a member of the FGS board of directors as well as serving as Vice-President of Administration and parliamentarian. King is a member of the bylaws committee and the bylaws review committee, for which she has reviewed dozens of society bylaws. She is associated with several Colorado genealogical societies, as well as a member of the National Genealogical Society and the Association of Professional Genealogists. She was recipient of the APGQ Award of Excellence in 2008.

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