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05 November 2012

News from the 2012 Nominating Committee

The 2012 Nominating Committee – Linda Okazaki, Jane Lindsey, and Chair Karen Lemelin – announce the nominations for the 2013-2014 board of directors for the California Genealogical Society. Nominations will be presented at the Annual Business Meeting on Saturday, January 9, 2013 at 1:00 p.m.

The nominated members for board of director positions are:
  • Diana Edwards
  • Shannon Reese
Kim Cotton, Ellen Fernandez-Sacco, Pat Gallagher, Karin Lemelin, and Nicka Smith are continuing their first terms (1-2014). Sandy Fryer’s first term ends in January; she will not be serving a second term. Lisa Gorrell, Laura Lee Karp, Henry Snyder, and Jim Sorenson are nominated for their second terms (2-2015). Tom Gesner and Jeff Vaillant are continuing their second terms (2-2014). Diana Wild’s second term ends in January; she will not be serving a third term. Kathryn Doyle has completed her third term and is not eligible for another term. Steve Harris serves as past-president.

About the new nominees:

Diana Edwards inherited her grandmother’s interest in family history along with her grandmother’s collected genealogy notes, family photos, and ephemera of several generations. Diana studied for a Ph.D. in Education Policy and History at U.C. Berkeley, and worked as a researcher for many years. She has used these skills, as well as her love of libraries, to trace her family history and the historical context of their lives. While not complete, most lines lead to the early 1700s in America, with few known immigrants. She is now working on her sons’ paternal family, which will lead to African American and French genealogy. Diana joined the California Genealogical Society in 2001, but has not been an active member until her retirement last year from public school teaching. Diana’s previous governing board experience was on the Albany City Parks and Recreation Commission, where she served as a commissioner, and then as chair for two years.

Shannon Reese successfully sold residential real estate for eight years after a six-year career in corporate sales and management in the office furniture manufacturing industry. Reese holds a B.A. in Radio, Television & Film from Auburn University. With the birth of his daughter in 2009, Shannon became an Alameda stay-at-home dad. In 2011 he began volunteering with the California Genealogical Society on the research committee, then found his place with Publications & Marketing.

Shannon states “I feel that telling the stories of the society and its members is the key to getting others excited about genealogy. Publications & Marketing is embracing this idea by using social media, video, and publications to let the world know what we have to offer." As the committee’s current chair, he thinks these ideas differentiate CGS from other genealogical societies. Only by changing and adapting (with a clear understanding of our past) will CGS remain relevant to the needs of both today’s and tomorrow’s future family history enthusiasts.

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