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17 December 2012

The California Nugget, Fall 2012, Volume IV, Issue 2

The Fall 2012 edition of The California Nugget has been sent to the printer and will soon begin arriving in members' mailboxes. Editor Jane Hufft and Production Editor Lois Elling have created another information-packed issue for your reading pleasure.

Here is Jane Hufft's letter from the editor:
Dear Readers:

Too much family history piled up in the garage? Denise Levenick will make you feel better about all of it. Still looking for that elusive female ancestor’s family? Alison Shedd shares her strategies in “Finding Carrie Seigle.” Ever wonder what good a genealogy society does? Read Virginia Turner’s “The International Congress of Genealogy, 1915, San Francisco.” To this day stories and excerpts from that significant, founding event are discussed and archived on the internet. Need new places to look for information? This issue of the California Nugget has a mini-theme of specialty libraries: The Maritime Museum in San Francisco, described by Gina Bardi, is a local treasure; in Boston, the New England Historic Genealogy Society’s library and the Archdiocese Archives of Boston, more commonly called the Catholic Archives, both maintain unique collections, as does the Leo Baeck Library in New York City. Oh, and don’t miss the list of family surname newsletters we have at the library. Is your surname there?

New research opportunities continue to come to light. In their article on the Alien Case Files, Jeanie Low and Jennie Lew describe an amazingly rich and valuable resource at the National Archives, only recently made available to the public. More newspapers appear online; see “Historical Portuguese Newspapers of California Digitized.” Society-sponsored research trips always yield fresh discoveries, as you will read in “Researching the McKinley Family in Boston.” This fall the CGS library acquired a wealth of new books, an event documented by Henry Snyder in “Generous Gifts Enrich the Library.”

No matter how quickly you read through the following pages, don’t miss the wonderful family photograph shared by Cynthia Gorman, a treasure from by-gone era.

—Jane Hufft, Editor


Twenty-First Century Genealogy

I’m Rich! I’ve Inherited My Grandmother’s Stuff! by Denise May Levenick
The Maritime Museum Library in San Francisco by Gina Bardi, Reference Librarian
The Alien Case Files at the National Archives in San Bruno by Jennie Lew and Jeanie Low
The Story of SONA, “Save Our National Archives” by Jeanie Low
Researching the McKinley Family in Boston by Alison Kern Shedd

California Ancestors

Cynthia Louisa Capron by Cynthia Gorman
Finding Carrie Seigle’s Family: Tracing a Female Ancestor by Alison Kern Shedd
The International Congress of Genealogy, 1915, San Francisco by Virginia Turner
1883 Pensioners List: Isaacs, Alf. S through Miller, Isaac Compiled by Jane Hufft

For Our Readers

Historical Portuguese Newspapers of California Digitized by Henry Snyder
Jewish Archives Now Online 

At the Society

Generous Gifts Enrich the Library by Henry Snyder
Family Surname Newsletters at the Library Compiled by library staff
Research Trips With the Society 

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