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30 May 2013

May 2013 Volunteer Update and Help Wanted Notices

Volunteer Coordinator Linda Okazaki sent this update and request.

Volunteers at the California Genealogical Society continue to inspire me. Our members donate hundreds of hours each month in order to keep our society running smoothly. For those of you whose committee work occurs outside of the library, please remember to submit your monthly hours to your board liaison. An electronic time sheet is will be ready in a few months. Until then, document your hours the old fashioned way! 
Numerous positions are available at CGS and your help is always welcome. There is a task for everyone; small jobs or big, weekly, monthly or just one time. Like to travel now that you are retired? Busy with children and a full time job? Come find a task that fits your schedule and lifestyle. Email Linda Okazaki if you’d like to join our team.
Help Wanted

Publications and Marketing Committee
  • assistance with writing, editing and proof reading
Events Committee
  • help with 2nd Saturdays and/or Thursday summer evenings
  • assistance with event registration
  • participation in special events
Finance Committee
  • let us know if you have special skills in this area
Book Repair Committee
  • come learn how to preserve our books and documents (meets 2nd Tuesdays)
Library Committee
  • process periodicals
  • assist with eBay used book sales
Desk Duty Committee
  • substitutes and trainees are always needed to keep our library open to patrons
Membership Committee
  • assistance with welcoming new members and planning membership events
Volunteer Committee
  • help identify potential volunteers and orient individuals to their tasks
Technology Committee
  • assistance with database management
  • one person to manage our master calendar (can be done remotely)
Facilities Committee
  • help keep our brick and mortar society up and running 

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